Thursday, August 18, 2016

Promises, Promises

Oh Dear.  It's been another month since I've blogged!
But really, I'll get back to this soon.  In the summer it just seems like I should be doing outdoor things while I still can!  Plus we've been spending a lot more time at the barn with the horses since my daughter got her new Arab and he is in training.
I also have to start back selling on eBay too.  I like that little extra money!  I'm going to investigate Etsy too.
My vegetable gardens have done really well this year and I'm in the middle of enjoying the harvest from them.
There's nothing that can match good homegrown, fresh from the garden, tomatoes, greens, carrots or beets!!  Soooooo sweet!  I've already planted my Fall garden.
Plus I discovered volunteer plants of potatoes, and butternut squash coming up full force in my huge compost pile!!
I'm going to have enough squash to last me all winter, for sure!!
I think it is trying to reach the golf course!!!
I haven't dug to see if there's any potatoes yet.

Most of the squash have normal necks but some are round!  I don't quite understand?
It would be great if that plant was acorn squash!!

My little chicks are nearly full grown and are now 16 weeks old. In 2-3 weeks I might be seeing some eggs from them already!!
Babies grow up so fast  : )
Here's my little flock.

We've been going to the barn a lot more because of my daughter's new horse.  His name is Adonis and he's a full blooded Polish Arab.  She wants to spend as much time as she can with him to bond and he is also under training now.  He's 14 and had been a show horse his whole life showing country pleasure and was made to have his head up in the air which he really isn't built for.  He has more the frame of a hunt seat horse so he is being taught that he can relax his head and neck, stretch out more and hopefully bring up his top line.

 Now that doesn't mean my two horses are getting neglected!
Here's Echo with his newly braided mane and my older QH Preacher, loves his grooming time too.

My new house cats are doing well.  The kitten, Kia, is constantly getting into trouble and Maddie the adult has decided she wants to be an indoor/outdoor cat.  She is getting along just fine with the barn cats and stays really close to the house.
One good thing, to report:  The kitten, Kia, has already gotten 2 mice!!
Come on Maddie, get with it!

Well, that sort of gets me caught up.
I hope I haven't lost all my followers!
Leave me a comment and say "Hi" if you stop by.


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