Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Fire

Fireplace Season

Today I made my first fire of the year. It is cool outside and will be getting cold at night now.
I haven't made a fire in the past couple years. I don't know why. I should've last winter as it was super cold for many days. Oh, I know why . . . My kitchen was being re-done!
I wanted to test my fire-making and be sure the smoke went up the chimney like it's supposed to!!
I dusted the cobwebs out, loaded some nice dry wood and a firestarter and made sure the flue was open! It started with no problem and no smoke. Now I'm ready for cold nights and a beautiful fire for Thanksgiving.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Satire update

28 days Post-Op and Doing Great.

Here he is today after getting his front shoes reset by the farrier. Bright eyed and waiting for lunch!

I took him for his walk outside. He needs to put about 65 lbs. back on.

Loving the grass. He gets little bits a couple times a day. Starting Nov. 2nd he can be out in a paddock for 20 min. twice a day. We'll have to find him a pasture mate though or he'll just stand at the gate and call to the herd. He misses Rauls. Hmmmm, maybe the mini. They get along good . . . .

Glazed Apple Sticky Buns

I'm joining Michael Lee and all the good cooks for "Foodie Friday".

This is a very simple sticky bun recipe. And I'm all about simple in the kitchen!!
First peel and cut up 3-4 apples.
I used Granny Smith apples and used my handy-dandy apple peeler.

For the dough, get a can of Pillsbury biscuits. I used a small can of the Grands.
Break the dough into small hunks and toss in a bag of cinnamon and sugar to coat.

I also coated the apple slices.

Toss the apples and the dough pieces together and put into a greased/buttered pan.
I used a glass loaf pan for mine.

Melt a 1/2 to 3/4 stick of butter and add brown sugar for the glaze. Pour over top.
Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until apples are soft.

Turn upside down onto a plate and enjoy warm with a little ice cream!!

Bored Horses

Rainy WeatherOutside\Bored Horses Inside

When the horses can't go outside, we let them run around in the arena to get them out of their stalls. I usually put all different things out there to make it a little more interesting.
Here's one of their favorite games . . . "halter wars".

Echo and Preacher take turns shaking the blue tarp.

Sometimes Preacher just "claims it" as his!!!

Then they start again.

Echo wants to know if I have any cookies in my pocket!

"Hey!!! That's mine!!!"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Thrifty Fall Buys

I'm joining in on "Thrifty Thursday" at Tales From Bloggeritaville as I get ready for Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanksgiving Preparations

I got this at Marshalls. I will find a place for it in the dining room as it says it all!

This was a Goodwill find. The exact color I use in my kitchen. Two hot pads for 25 cents each! I have a much greater appreciation of crocheting now that I've done a little.

I found these at Walmart and they will be my dinner plates. I am doing fall colors this year instead of using my great Grandmother's china.

These soups were from Marshalls on sale for $1.00 each. I'm going to make corn chowder.

I LOVE these salad plates from Marshalls/Homegoods. I've only found two though!!
So far that's what I've found. Maybe I should be more worried about planning my menu. But since it's going to be a very small intimate dinner with just 4 adults, I'm going to try and not make as much food as the usual years!
We'll see!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Promise

After The Storm

We had quite a storm here today. Not as bad as predicted but heavy winds and rain. It didn't last long though and I had no damage here from it.
I was getting supper and glanced out the front window and it looked like the trees across the road were on fire.
I went outside with my camera and the sun had come out and was setting and the trees to the east were the most brilliant oranges and reds.

Just breathtaking!

Then I saw it. The most perfect rainbow.

It stretched in an uninterrupted arch across the sky.

And when I looked through my viewfinder again, it had turned into a double rainbow.
I stood there in the rain until it was gone.
God puts on amazing shows.

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Have a great Wednesday everyone. It's babysitting day for me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blue Skies

Blue October Skies

The skies have been unbelievably blue the past few days. Hard to capture with the camera.

Then with the change of leaves to orange and yellow, it's quite a show.

Happy "Blue Monday"


Is It Hunting Time Yet?

Rocky's Favorite Time of Year

Pheasant season is almost here!
And oh yeah, Halloween!
Squeaker says Meow.

Happy "Mosaic Monday"

The Witch Is In!

Cackle, cackle!

the witch!
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Connection Republished

I'm reposting this one because it is so true.
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The Connection
A lot has been written about the psychological closeness between women and horses. I don't think it's truly understood. All I know is that it's a fact of life. There comes a time in almost every little girl's life when she falls in love with horses. It happened to me so early, I don't even remember my age. I do know that my mother told me that one of my first words was "sorky" which meant horsey to me then. I remember cantering like a horse where ever I went; my bike was a horse, I drew horse pictures on everything I owned and when we went to an amusement park and my parents suggested I ride on the carousel on something other than a horse, I thought they were nuts!! My sister and I took riding lessons when young. My sister wasn't really taken with it; I was in heaven. Well I passed it down to my daughter. Until that dreaded age when girls discover boys and bands, she cantered around too and all her friends had to call her "Horse". (Yes, you Michele : ))
I read somewhere that women who own horses, a large percentage of them would give up their husbands before their horses. So the really smart husbands of those horsewomen allow them all the time they need with their horses.

A horse, they say is the cheapest psychotherapist you could ever have. Horsewomen know that to be true. It's not even just the riding, it's being around the horse, talking to them, touching them, grooming them, for gosh sakes, even mucking their stalls!! It's their deep eyes, their intelligence, their smell. It's the wonder and satisfaction you get when you finally understand how they think about something and when you can get them to understand you. It's the kindness they give back to you for the kindness you give them.
I took a long time to rediscover horses after my younger days. Life happens, careers, marriage, children, then there was that nagging feeling again. All I needed was an excuse and I got it. A class and riding lessons called "Mares and Menopause"!! (Thank you Joy)
Well there's one more thing I can think of about all this. For the horse . . . "Every horse deserves, during sometime in their life, to be loved by a little girl".

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Was Never Martha Stewart But . . . .

Mid-life Sucks!!
(a rant)

I'm in my "mid" sixties now. I even hate saying it. I am going kicking and screaming into older age. I was always a Martha wanna be and watched her from the very beginning and got her books when her and I were much younger. I loved to watch her decorate and redo her old houses. That was especially interesting to me. I always wanted a century home to fix up and now I do have one. I did crafty things. One year I made all my own Christmas wrapping paper by stamping and painting on brown wapping paper. Oh yes, it looked very Martha. I was good at multi-tasking back then. Now I barely can remember the one thing I'm doing. Well now I've been through menopause and I'm much more tired. I speak my mind most of the time and don't worry about being that tactful! (That is actually sort of freeing!) It takes me a lot longer to get going in the morning and I have to push myself to do things. (Everything but the horses! : ))
I never used to worry about anything. Even though I had a high stress job; an RN in the Emergency room, things never really bothered me. Maybe that's because I always knew my husband was there to take care of everything. Now he is gone and I've turned into my mother, and worry and stress over a lot. This last thing about Satire and his surgery and narrow escape almost put me over the edge, I swear. I am still having some anxiety attacks from it. I try all the time to turn things over to God but it is so hard.
I'm a long time hormone user. I tried to go off of them once and I had so many bad effects that the doctor put me back on them. It is so surprising to me that female hormones effect sooooo many things. I'm not sure I could even ride my horses without them. I was much stiffer and achy, and the hot flashes came back as bad as ever. But the one thing people don't realize is that after you go off of them you start to "feel" old. I mean you really do! Your whole attitude changes. At least mine did before I got my doc to give them back to me by practically threatening him with a gun!!!!! I figure quality of life is most important to me and I'll take the risks. I am a child of God and I know he will take care of me.
Enough of that!!! You know, I never did cook much, I mean I made what was necessary when my husband was alive and I had my children still here but I never really liked cooking. Heaven knows I never planned meals except for times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Still it just amazes me that there are a lot of women that actually sit down and are organized enough to plan a weekly menu and then shop for the things needed. I think the only time I think more than an hour ahead is when I'm doing something in the crock pot and you have to actually do that in the morning! I must say that since I had my kitchen remodeled that I am cooking more and actually enjoying it at times!
Right now, three main rooms of my house are clean and organized but I keep putting off the other rooms. My problem it that I have to de-clutter and throw or give more away. I start out real good then am easily distracted! I always have great plans for the next morning but when I wake up I'm still tired and end up either taking another day for myself or go to be with the horses. Oh, well, no one is watching. As long as I can sort of clean up by Thanksgiving since I'm having it here and, oh yes, plan a menu!! I'm more excited about the tablescaping in my new dining room.
Well that's my rant for lots of months ahead I hope. Sorry : ))

The Mums That Returned!

Mysterious Mums

Everyone's mums always come back year after year, getting larger and larger. Mine never do.

A couple years ago my brother-in-law, Bob, had an older plant that was so HUGE that a child could've fallen in it and never be seen again!! I buy new every year and they don't get any bigger.

EXCEPT for this one. It came back bigger and more beautiful than the year before when I planted it. Of course that was last year. It is no where to be found this year.

This is my granddaughter a year ago. It was a chilly fall day which made her bright pink hoodie really stand out! She was about knee deep in oak leaves.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red October Tablescape


I didn't get a chance to do any tablescaping with my red dishes this summer so I decided that red is also a fall color!
So I've blended it with the oranges and yellows of the season.

Most everything either came from Marshalls or Goodwill. I've been collecting little bits of red for awhile.

These red square plates with the hummingbird are one of my favorites.

Oh yes, these leaf s&p shakers are a recent purchase from Walmart.

Fall colors are particularly beautiful with candlelight.

I'm loving my dining room now and will have Thanksgiving dinner here with just my children and grandchildren.

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Love hearing from you all.

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