Thursday, October 14, 2010

Satire's Home!!

See Satire coming home yesterday
on youtube
(then hit back button to return here.)

These photos are from today.

"Satire, don't you scare us like that any more!!!!"

Thank You God.


  1. I'm REALLY glad that your beloved Satire is back at home safe and sound :o) (Not as pleased as you are though!)
    He looks a gentle soul.
    Rose H

  2. Both Satire and your daughter look much happier than they did a week or so ago. I'm glad Satire made a full recovery.

    Have a great weekend! La

  3. He looks like he is saying 'I am sorry mommy, I won't do that again!'

  4. What a relief! Have you any idea what caused Satire to colic?

    Is the grey ok?

  5. We introduced a small amount of hay cubes for two feedings before he coliced. That was the only change. The white arab (Rauls) got some things corrected in his blood work but he is refusing to eat. Not a good sign. We are trying everything with him. He's 34. Any suggestions for horses off their feed would be gladly appreciated.

  6. Hi Shirley-

    I have no experience with a horse being off his feed. I was lucky to have had a very easy keeper who lived to be 35 years old and had an very strong appetite until the day he passed. He did colic once in the 31 years I had him -- I could never figure out what caused it and clearly remember the stress in getting him through it.

    One thought that did cross my mind -- could their be some plant or weed in the new pastures that might have turned Rauls off of eating and contributed to Satire colic? Maybe ask your 4-H extension center if there is anything to look out for in your area?

    I have not had a horse for 5 years now -- I do read the fugly horse blog to educate/entertain myself. She does do a number of posts about methods to keep weight on older horses -- maybe ask her for any recommendations.

    Again I am so happy Satire is healthy and home!

  7. Satire is my Arabian Love Song~ I love this horse more than words can say... thank you Mom for being so supportive!


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