Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mums That Returned!

Mysterious Mums

Everyone's mums always come back year after year, getting larger and larger. Mine never do.

A couple years ago my brother-in-law, Bob, had an older plant that was so HUGE that a child could've fallen in it and never be seen again!! I buy new every year and they don't get any bigger.

EXCEPT for this one. It came back bigger and more beautiful than the year before when I planted it. Of course that was last year. It is no where to be found this year.

This is my granddaughter a year ago. It was a chilly fall day which made her bright pink hoodie really stand out! She was about knee deep in oak leaves.

I'm linking in for Beverly's "Pink Saturday".
You can find it here at How Sweet The Sound:

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday everyone.


  1. I can relate! I am not a fan of mums, though I keep trying! Every year my mums never seem to amount to much and are very short lived. I always replant them somewhere in the yard and some have come back but again they just don't look like all the gorgeous mums I see on or in everyone elses yards. Oh well, I guess Mums the word for me! :)

  2. I love mums and I have 2 now that keep coming back up, both in different beds. I had a new surprise this year. There is a very small new one coming up in the front bed that came from the back bed. Birds? Squirrels? Not sure.
    Years ago I had the biggest yellow one you have ever seen. Came up 12-13 years in a row and then nothing. You just never know with them.
    Happy PS!

  3. I may need to invest in some of these mums-yours are huge. They say you plant them in the spring?


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