Friday, March 28, 2014

Praying to God that I'm Finally Fixed!!!

I've had a bad year so far.
However after this 3rd hospitalization and second surgery and every test in the book, I'm hoping and praying I'm fixed!!

My sister has been here with me in the hospital and now this first week at home.
That makes things so much better mentally to have her here so I don't sit and imagine all kinds of bad  things!
But after all this, no cancer was found anywhere.
Thank you Jesus.

Now just to rest and recover.
In the meantime, 
I'm having my contractor put a new floor in my family room.
I've had it with carpeting and dogs!
Especially since this room is the one you come right into from the outside.
It's going to be so much better to keep clean.
He's out there working as I type!
This was the before (filthy) carpeting.

This is today as he works.

 I'll show the finished room next blog.


Monday, March 17, 2014

What I'd Do If I won a Huge Lottery!

I'm sure we've all given it a little thought about what we'd do if we came into a lot of money.  
What would you do?
Well, for one thing, I would not move out of my house!!
I love this house but I certainly would do all the things to it that I've dreamed about.
I'd hire an architect and have a nice big wrap around porch put onto it.  One that looked like it was always with the house.
I would try to buy a little more land around my house from the golf course so I had about 5 acres.
It goes without saying that I'd have a first floor laundry.  Maybe change my office into a laundry.
Then I'd have them install a laundry shoot from the second floor.
I'd have all the poorly done drywall in the entire house redone.
I'd hire a gardener and do something great with my back yard.
I'd replace the big tree I lost by the house a couple years ago but I'd replace it with an already big tree.
With more land, I'd build a little barn.
I'd have both bathrooms redone.  One of the bathrooms would have a nice deep claw footed tub.
I'd replace the flooring in the family room with wood or tile (which I'm going to do anyway.)
I'd replace all my leather and upholstered furniture that's been ruined by the cats.
I'd have all the windows in the family room replaced with the kind with the interior shades.
Of course the electrical mysteries in this house need figured out and replaced.
Oh my, I better start buying lottery tickets!!
Why wouldn't I just buy another already finished house?  Because I'm really attached to this one!
I'd like to bring her up to the magnificent house that she could be.

What would you do if you had millions??
It's fun to imagine.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things I Would've Done Differently in my Kitchen

Those of you that have followed my blog for a long time probably remember my kitchen redo.
(You can find the different posts about it under labels for "kitchen".)
It was done about 4 years ago and I still really love it.  I did a classic look with white cabinets that will never get old.  I tried to make it look like it fit into this 1850 farmhouse but still had all the modern conveniences.
There's only a couple things I would do differently.
I never had island height seating before.  I always had a smaller island and then a two person table and chairs.
Well, I've decided that I really don't like sitting at a counter.  It just isn't comfortable for me.
The one thing wrong with it is that the overhang isn't deep enough.  When they were cutting the soapstone it broke at a corner and instead of a 12-14 inch overhang, mine is only 9 inches.
That makes a big difference!
I could've had them take it back and send for another large piece of soapstone but it would've been another week and I was anxious to get it all completed so I said it was OK.
I should've had them replace it.

See the overhang isn't deep enough.
I love the soapstone.  Even though it scratches easily, it's one of my favorite parts of my kitchen.  People tried to talk me into granite but I held out for the soapstone because that's something they would've used in Victorian times.

Another thing is, I don't have enough cupboard space.  I don't know why as we designed this kitchen so carefully!
I think I should replace the maple cupboard with another old one but bigger.  It looks so good there but doesn't really hold much.

I love my engineered hardwood floor.
My dogs race around on it and I have yet to find a scratch!!
My contractor/builder is coming over on Saturday to talk about what to do with my family room floor.
I just may extend this flooring into there.  We'll see.

Here's the posts about my kitchen and dining room renovations:


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Week of Misc.

Early this week my one barn cat, Pepsi was missing.  She is the friendliest one and her mother cat Angel is more feral.  Pepsi always sticks close by and especially in the colder weather she doesn't like to give up her spot under the heat lamp.  It worried me a lot because I hear coyotes howling sometimes at dusk.  She was missing for three days and then yesterday morning there she was, under the lamp like nothing had happened and she looks just fine.

Her momma cat was glad to see her too.

I caught her laying on the kitchen porch this morning.

I've been having a Nutra Bullet healthy smoothie about every other day.
Here was today's.
Spinach, pineapple, banana, apple and a spoonful of yogurt.

After years of trying all kinds of face creams and wrinkle creams, I am convinced that nothing really does anymore than good old Ponds.
So that's what I've gone back to.
To think . . . all the money I've wasted on expensive wrinkle fixing creams!!!
And I'm still wrinkled!

We had a couple nice days temperature wise.  It was actually 63 degrees today!!
But, it's NE Ohio and we are expecting snow tonight and low temps of 7 degrees!!
I did get out to the barn to see my horses today.  They are muddy of course!
That will be a job all spring!
I'm hibernating for the next two days.  Then it's supposed to go back up to at least the 40's!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bread Pudding

I had quite a bit of day old or longer bread to use up and my hens are laying pretty good being it's still really winter so I have plenty of eggs.  What to make . . .
Bread pudding of course.  One of my favorites.

I used this recipe from and it's very good.  I do have my old standby one but couldn't find it!!

If you can, have a big piece with cream warm out of the oven.  Good of course with ice cream too.
Store in refrigerator.

I sprinkled some more cinnamon and sugar on top too.


Friday, March 7, 2014

First Step To Quit Hoarding Food!

I followed Miss Merry's advice.  She left me a very helpful comment yesterday about me having and buying way too much food.
I went through all my canned and dry goods and collected everything that had an expired date.
I can't believe how much there was!

All this!!!!!

And this!!!!

I'm sure I got all this at good prices but what good is that when it's all going in the rubbish!!
What a waste of money.

Well, I did quite a bit of reading about expiration dates and "best by" dates and they don't always mean very much so I am making some calls to the food pantries like the Salvation Army and see if they could use some of these things.
If they can, that would make me feel so much better!!

I am not going to restock any of these things, except the baking powder, until I need it, then I'll just buy what I need.
No more filling up the pantry shelves with good bargains as I see that doesn't work.
I am no longer cooking for four!
And I no longer really eat that much!  
I feel better when I eat small meals.

I also found some sites that give some good recipes for one.
Just Google them.

Well, I plan on just cooking from what I have until it is used.
I may come up with some very interesting meals!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Think I'm A Food Hoarder!

I cannot believe how much food I have in this house.
I think I could live on what I have for a year with an occasional trip to the store for milk, paper and personal items!!

These are just a couple pictures of my food storage.  Also have a freezer in the basement plus the two drawers in the fridge.

I think this all started slowly when I was doing the coupon thing a little more seriously.
I tried to just buy the things I use but it's really hard for me to pass up a bargain,
especially if I also have a coupon for it!
Today was a prime example.  I went to the store to buy milk because I had forgotten to get it yesterday and I want to make bread pudding to use up ALL THE BREAD I HAVE!!!!!
I came home with three bags of things plus cat litter that was on sale and I had a coupon for!
I suppose thats OK.
I shopped at Giant Eagle.  I think they are expensive but they have good sales and if you limit yourself to those items, you can make out.  Plus they give you more coupons at the check-out and you get fuel perks.
I also like their produce.
The things I got that were not on sale and no coupon were:
Ice cream and chicken tenders which I really didn't need.
I bought more coffee K-Cups but they were on sale and I had good coupons.
So I guess today wasn't too bad.  Yesterday was much worse at Walmart.

Here's how I know I have way too much.  I go to the store to buy something I think I need for a recipe and more times than not, I will already have it tucked away that I had forgotten about.
Not good.
Maybe I should make a list of everything I have.
Does anyone have a solution??

Here's what I've decided to try!
When I cook, I just automatically make enough for at least four!
Now, there's only me.
Yes, I freeze left-overs but about half the time I don't like how things look when I take them out of the freezer or I didn't put a date on them and I end up throwing them away.
Now, any money I may have saved when I bought the items went right into the trash.
Most recipes are for 4 or more so I guess that's why I make too much.
I love reading recipes and collect them on Pinterest so that makes me want cook!

I'm really going to try and use up what I have on hand including freezer items and canned items.
Then maybe I'd be better off buying the small cans of vegetable and fruit or only buy fresh . . . and only the amount for one!
Also I'm going to look online for recipes for ONE.  I'm sure there is a site somewhere!
As far as meat goes, I've decided to buy from the organic food store and get my meat from the meat counter . . only what I want for ONE!  I will go meatless at least 2 or 3 times a week.
What do you all think?
I'll let you know how things are working!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Aging Thing

I had a whole post written out long hand about my health condition lately.  Really it was a health rant.  I read it over today and it even bored me, so I scraped that one.  No one wants to hear about someone else's health issues.  Maybe it was good for me to put it all down in writing though.  I did feel better after doing that!
I'm speaking with us seniors here, you know, the elders, the ones of us supposedly entering or in their "golden years".  (cough, cough!)  Yes, those of us getting the wonderful mail about hearing aides, power wheelchairs, nursing homes and funeral expenses.
I know I'm not alone when I talk about not being able to get the things done every day that I intend on doing!  I try to get up earlier, mainly because I don't sleep very well anyway.  Once I get moving, feed the animals, let the chickens out in their run and finally have my breakfast, I plan on doing things or going to the store during the first half of the day.  It seems once 4pm comes, I run out of steam!  I've never been one to take a nap . . ever!  But I'm beginning to think that maybe an afternoon siesta might help!  Dr Oz says that if you can keep your power naps to under 30 minutes you won't feel all sluggish afterwards.  I didn't think I could do anything "power" anymore, but maybe I can manage a "power nap"!!
It's hard for me to believe that a year ago, even 8 months ago I was riding my horses and actually had energy!  What happened to me so quick!
I've had all kinds of x-rays, CT scans, tests and even exploratory abdominal surgery.  (And also those "unpleasant procedures "with the horrible preps!!!! 
Incidentally, now they want me to swallow a capsule with a camera in it.  If anyone has done this test, please email me as I have questions!
I start back with Physical Therapy for my back problems next week so I'm hoping that will help.
Ok, Ok . . . enough health crap.
I planned on doing other things this winter too.  Like learn to crochet better and make some hats.  I was going to really start buying Christmas presents all year so the rush right before Christmas wouldn't make me crazy.
I have to get my carpet cleaned in the family room but I'm just too tired to move furniture.  I wanted to really start de-cluttering this house but of course that is just over whelming!!
I planned on trying to do more mental games, like crosswords or learn sudoku but I found when I try that it makes me feel really dumb!  So I get out my coloring books!!  Really, I find that coloring (with crayons) actually is very relaxing to me.
I hope I'm not sounding too nuts here!
Oh, here's another thing . . .
I find myself swearing a lot more.  (I mean, The F-bomb swearing!!!!!)  Not ever out in public but when I'm home by myself.  Mostly because little things are hard and irritate me so much more.  Why is it SO hard to open ANYTHING!!  I figure someone will find me starved to death someday because I can't open anything.  I have a jar opener and still can't open some jars.  Even cardboard packages of things like cookies etc.  Who are they afraid will get into these things for heavens sake!!
Thank goodness my box of Cream of Wheat is still easy to open  : ))
Well, that's it for this evening.  It seems my mind is shutting down.  Must me bedtime!
The old person in me will be writing again on aging when the spirit moves me.

Please comment so I know I'm not the only one feeling like this!!!!!!


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