Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Think I'm A Food Hoarder!

I cannot believe how much food I have in this house.
I think I could live on what I have for a year with an occasional trip to the store for milk, paper and personal items!!

These are just a couple pictures of my food storage.  Also have a freezer in the basement plus the two drawers in the fridge.

I think this all started slowly when I was doing the coupon thing a little more seriously.
I tried to just buy the things I use but it's really hard for me to pass up a bargain,
especially if I also have a coupon for it!
Today was a prime example.  I went to the store to buy milk because I had forgotten to get it yesterday and I want to make bread pudding to use up ALL THE BREAD I HAVE!!!!!
I came home with three bags of things plus cat litter that was on sale and I had a coupon for!
I suppose thats OK.
I shopped at Giant Eagle.  I think they are expensive but they have good sales and if you limit yourself to those items, you can make out.  Plus they give you more coupons at the check-out and you get fuel perks.
I also like their produce.
The things I got that were not on sale and no coupon were:
Ice cream and chicken tenders which I really didn't need.
I bought more coffee K-Cups but they were on sale and I had good coupons.
So I guess today wasn't too bad.  Yesterday was much worse at Walmart.

Here's how I know I have way too much.  I go to the store to buy something I think I need for a recipe and more times than not, I will already have it tucked away that I had forgotten about.
Not good.
Maybe I should make a list of everything I have.
Does anyone have a solution??

Here's what I've decided to try!
When I cook, I just automatically make enough for at least four!
Now, there's only me.
Yes, I freeze left-overs but about half the time I don't like how things look when I take them out of the freezer or I didn't put a date on them and I end up throwing them away.
Now, any money I may have saved when I bought the items went right into the trash.
Most recipes are for 4 or more so I guess that's why I make too much.
I love reading recipes and collect them on Pinterest so that makes me want cook!

I'm really going to try and use up what I have on hand including freezer items and canned items.
Then maybe I'd be better off buying the small cans of vegetable and fruit or only buy fresh . . . and only the amount for one!
Also I'm going to look online for recipes for ONE.  I'm sure there is a site somewhere!
As far as meat goes, I've decided to buy from the organic food store and get my meat from the meat counter . . only what I want for ONE!  I will go meatless at least 2 or 3 times a week.
What do you all think?
I'll let you know how things are working!



  1. My word, you are well stocked. I could do my little shopping out of your pantry.

  2. Hi Shirley. I know where you are coming from. I went from a family of 7 to a family of 2 overnight (well, maybe not overnight, but it sure seemed like it!) But my shopping habits didn't change. Hamburger on sale? I'll take 10 pounds, chicken on sale? 4 family packs. Spaghetti sauce? 10 cans or jars. I had food falling on my head. And my former bag boys would visit and throw money out the door when they pulled all my outdated cans and jars from the shelf.

    My first step was to get rid of my freezer. I made a rule that I could not buy any more meat or frozen items until it all fit in the top of my refrigerator. You have to get creative with the 8 pack of pork chops. Bread one on Monday, grill one on Tuesday and bake one in a sauce on Wednesday - and the rest go in the trash. Be Brutal! Or invite friends to dinner. Ask a grocery store person to show you how to check dates on your cans. Toss the outdated ones (I know this is hard, but it will be worth it!). No new groceries until you eat what you have. Same with boxes and mixes. It took me many months (honestly - up to a year). And when you empty a space - fill it with something like dishes - leave no spare space.

    Be honest - if you bought it with a coupon but are never going to use it - donate to a food pantry or church. There is no sense in waiting until it is postdated just because you bought it at a good price. No one is going to eat tomato soup four days a week for the next six months.

    Ignore the sales. This is a fact. Everything will go on sale again! I swear! Every coupon will be printed again. I swear! It will be worth it in the end.

    Now I can only buy what fits in my designated food cupboard. I found a grocery store that packages for one or two. Yes, it is a little more a pound - but I can pull out a package of two pork chops or 2 single packages with one chicken breast. It saves money in the long run!

    Good Luck!!!!

    1. Thank you Miss Merry, that was really helpful. I will try these things. First to find my expired things!

  3. Nothing will will catch you short of food in any emergency you will at least have plenty to eat.

  4. I started that also and had to throw away a lot of items as they went out of date. So be careful on the expiration date.
    Hopefully your snow is melting and getting warmer.

  5. It must an old age thing, Shirley...the Pres and I have this discussion all the time???I tell him to only buy what is on the list...he comes home with a lot more. We gave one freezer away when we came back up here, but we end up throwing stuff out because it gets freezer burn!!!...:)JP


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