Monday, May 8, 2017

New Birthday, New Business!!

I do have a good reason why I haven't been blogging!  Really I do.  Around last Sept-Oct I started seriously Selling on eBay.  A ramped up my eBay store and had a goal to make enough $$ to help pay my bill for my horse's board!.  Well I reached and surpassed that goal the past couple months!!  Now I have the bug and am making a higher goal.  (Not sure what yet, I have to think about that.)
Anyway.  I am selling men's and women's clothes.  Yes, I am a reseller.  Between the time it takes to source the items, prep and photograph them, bag them for mailing and then listing them one by one on eBay, it is becoming almost a full time job.  But one that I really enjoy.
I've turned my library into my eBay office and shipping room.  (I know it looks a little messy but it is organized.  (Really it is!)

Here's my little "photo studio" that I use to photograph the clothing.
When I move the mannequins  I can use the furry fabric on the floor to flat lay some items.

I also have a room of hanging clothes.

So  . . . . . that's what I've been doing every day besides taking care of my dog, Dexter, my 4 cats, 6 chickens and visiting my 2 horses!
I'm also making YouTube videos if you want to check them out.  They are under 
"Shirleys World Vlog".

See you there!

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