Friday, December 31, 2010

My Normal New Year's Eve!

Today the farrier came at 11 am and trimmed and shoed my horses. Echo had his shoes taken off that he just had on from in the late summer when he had that access they had to dig out! He had to have a pad on after that till he grew out his hoof. He's fine now so no shoes for Echo. The other two have corrective shoes on. My regular farrier that I've had since I've had horses is now back to work. He has been off for about 6 months because he had an aneurism and had to have open chest surgery!!! Well, shoeing horses is a very strenuous job so I'm so glad he is back... He looks great. I forgot to take pictures yesterday we were so busy talking!
I spent New Years Eve as usual; at home with Rocky and fell asleep before the ball fell!!!! I never was one to like all the hoopla of parties and the drinking so this is just fine with me. I think my sister and my brother-in-law did the same! Poor Michele had to work with all the crazies!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Confessions of a Non-Cook

Yes, OK, It's Cheating!

BUT, sometimes you come home and you're hungry and you want to eat now, not in an hour and a half!
That was this week. I figured I did enough "real" cooking in the past few weeks so I looked around in my cupboards and found the "easy starters".
It's one step up from stopping for fast food though, RIGHT!!!

I saw a picture last week of Linguine with Alfredo sauce on it and had been thinking about it ever since. So I was glad when I found this envelope of Alfredo Sauce. It's just a powder with heaven knows what in it!! But I followed the directions and Wallah!! Sauce! I made linguine noodles and had frozen broccoli with it. It was a tasty meal!

A couple nights later, with lots of Linguine Alfredo left over I dug out a box of Shake'N Bake and made some chicken cutlets with it!

Added some frozen mixed veggies and had another quick meal.

For desert, a slice of Sarah Lee pound cake with yogurt and berries on top. Yumm!!!!

Dare I list these non-cooking meals on Michael Lee's beautiful blog!! Oh, why not!!
I just know everyone out there doesn't make spectacular meals everyday!!!!

Please visit the other participants . . . even though they'll put me to shame!!!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter White Table

I'm joining Susan and her wonderful website, Between Naps On The Porch, for "Tablescape Thursday".
Click here to see all the other participants.

Winter Whites!

I think it's starting out to be a long white winter here in the Northeast!
So I'll start out the new year with all whites with a little silver and save the color for a little later in the winter when we really need it!!!

I love those big white sparkly pinecones I got half price at Walmart.

Snowflakes! That's for sure!!!

I love snowmen and they're good decor for all winter long.

Evening and candle light casts a different look on everything. A little warmer, if you don't look outside!

Stay warm!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cheesy Corn Spoon Bread

I bet everyone will put on really festive and pretty foods this week but I'm linking up with just a really good everyday meal.

I got this recipe recently on line but I don't remember where. I just print off things that really sound good to me. I'm sorry if I got it from one of you all but it really is supper!!

Here's the recipe.

Ingredients are simple. Also there's 3 eggs supposed to be there. (and not the bananas!)

I never used pepperjack cheese before but it was really good in this.

I made big turkey burgers to go with the spoonbread.

A very good and satisfying meal. It would be a good casserole to take somewhere too.
Merry Christmas.

Rocky's Christmas Bath

Rocky, Where Did you Go!!!!!!!!

Well, I turned around to get my camera and he jumped out of the tub and ran through the house soakin' wet; of course stopping to shake the water off! Well, at least he had been rinsed and wasn't soapy!

Here he is, clean but not looking too thrilled about it!!
He's giving me his best hound dog look!
Poor ol' mistreated doggy!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Christmas Tablescape

I'm of course linking up with Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for "Tablescape Thursday".
This is the site that started my whole blogging addiction! Not to even mention my dish collection. Which isn't anything compared to some of you ladies I might add : )) !!!

You must stop by to see Susan's beautiful site from here:

Christmas 2010

I showed a similar setting last week but this is my official Christmas 2010 one! I changed plates, and center piece.

I love doing the fresh oranges with the cloves. They smell wonderful and will dry nicely.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Aching Back!

This took me all evening!!! Not that there's so many but I keep losing the scissors, the tape, the pen etc. I'm just not very organized anymore!!!
I wrapped most all the Christmas presents. First I used the bed but it was hurting my back so then I tried wrapping on the floor. That was worse. Every year, I swear I'm going to wrap as I get them but never do. I just remembered I have two more that my sister sent for the kids I've got to wrap and also the hardest of them all . . . Two kid's snow shovels and 2 of those round disc sleds. Oh My! AND I just remembered I have to babysit tomorrow. : {
Well, I also baked some cookies. (Gingerbread) and made some more of my secret "home made" stuff that I'm giving. It's a secret so I can't divulge it now!
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