Friday, December 31, 2010

My Normal New Year's Eve!

Today the farrier came at 11 am and trimmed and shoed my horses. Echo had his shoes taken off that he just had on from in the late summer when he had that access they had to dig out! He had to have a pad on after that till he grew out his hoof. He's fine now so no shoes for Echo. The other two have corrective shoes on. My regular farrier that I've had since I've had horses is now back to work. He has been off for about 6 months because he had an aneurism and had to have open chest surgery!!! Well, shoeing horses is a very strenuous job so I'm so glad he is back... He looks great. I forgot to take pictures yesterday we were so busy talking!
I spent New Years Eve as usual; at home with Rocky and fell asleep before the ball fell!!!! I never was one to like all the hoopla of parties and the drinking so this is just fine with me. I think my sister and my brother-in-law did the same! Poor Michele had to work with all the crazies!


  1. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    I'm not a party animal either, so a quiet but tranquil evening. Have always preferred it this way for New year! Did manage to stay up til 12.00, although that wasn't really my intention. Then it's time to turn down the volume on the TV, as my dog, Max hates the sound of fireworks!
    Take care & hope 2011 will be kind to you!

  2. Shirley, I've never been one for parties either. In fact, sad to say I went to bed around 9:30 last night...I guess I'm an old poop!...:)JP


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