Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rocky's Christmas Bath

Rocky, Where Did you Go!!!!!!!!

Well, I turned around to get my camera and he jumped out of the tub and ran through the house soakin' wet; of course stopping to shake the water off! Well, at least he had been rinsed and wasn't soapy!

Here he is, clean but not looking too thrilled about it!!
He's giving me his best hound dog look!
Poor ol' mistreated doggy!!


  1. He looks so innocent.....not!! Merry Christmas Shirley

  2. Awwwww Mom! I was just about smelling you've gone and spoiled it will take me weeks to get back to that wonderful hound smell....shucks! Hope you and Rocky have a great Christmas.

  3. What a dog! I had a shepherd that would do that! Thank goodness my dogs fit in the kitchen sink now!


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