Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photos From the Last Week of May

I know, I take a lot of photos! 
So why not share them on my blog  : ))
My gardens are booming.  June is my very favorite month in the garden.
The chicks are getting rambunctious!
They are in the playpen in the dining room and with all their running around and testing their wings out, it has become a very dusty problem.
I wiped down my entire kitchen and put up plastic on all the openings.
I hope this will cut down on a lot of the dust getting where it shouldn't be!!
I will make a note and the next the bunch of babies will be in a brooder in the basement!
Of course, then that will require a hundred trips up and down my treacherous cellar stairs!
I may have to rethink that.
This week, since the temperatures were so warm, I introduced them to the outside.
I shut them in the coop in the middle of the chicken yard.
They love being on the grass and the dirt.
It's getting them there and back that is a back breaking project.
I still have to work on those details.

Molly and Dottie getting their first look at the new flock!

Pepsi needed a little loving while I was watching the baby chicks.

Here are a few of my flowers in the front gardens.

Blue indigo

Knock-out rose


Huge coral poppy

And the progress of my vegetable gardens so far.

Dusk after a beautiful day.

Have a great week everyone.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Week's Photos from Shirley's World

Early last week we spent a day at the barn with the horses.  Michele took this of me unwrapping a candy for Preacher.  I have his full attention!!

The chicken's garden

Putting netting on my vegetable garden to try to deter the deer!

I little added dust bathing "room" for my chicks who are 4 weeks old and growing fast!
Their names are "officially", Muffy, Violet, Suzie, Blanche, Rose and Coco.

My forest of ferns.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Some Weeds Are Really Wild Flowers.

Yes, this is the first one we think of.
The beautiful dandelion.
One of the first flowers of the spring and the scourge of some people that want those perfect lawns.
A lot of money is spent trying to kill these beauties with poison weed killers.
I've developed a whole new love of dandelions since I've let my back property go wild and I have chickens that love to eat them.  The greens are eatable and can be used in salads.
Look at all those seeds waiting for a breeze to plant themselves and give me more beautiful flowers!

Here are some other "wild things" I found just walking around my yard.
These are the flowers of the creeping ground ivy.  Or as my father used to call it "creeping Joe".
Yes, it spreads like crazy but you have to admit it looks very pretty in the spring.

I found some wild strawberry too.

And the beautiful little wild violets.

So take a walk and look carefully.  There's beautiful flowers everywhere.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Life with Baby Chicks

I'm sorry I haven't gotten menus on the last couple Mondays
I fell and injured my knee and wasn't doing much or anything till the past couple days.
See the whole story on my other blog.
The link is there on the right or you can just click here:

Anyway, my baby chicks came just 3 days after my accident but I managed to have someone drive me to the post office and I picked them up.
Here they were when they first arrived:
Just little puff balls.
Sorry about the red (that's the heat light) and it's blurry because they don't hold still for pictures!

They are already growing so fast and are 2 wks. old today.
Here's their photo-shoots!

Muffy, the easter egger, was the first to flutter to the top of the water container!

Out of the brooder for a little exercise.

This is Suzie (a light brahma)

a barred rock (no name yet)

Brought some grass and weeds in for them to peck through.

Three little fluffy butts

There's Muffy again.  Getting her wing feathers the fastest.

They'll be almost too big for the brooder box by next week so I've ordered a Puppy play pen!!
It's supposed to come tomorrow.
I saw that a few chicken people have used it and loved to so we'll see. 
I'm not sure were it will fit because it's 45 inches in diameter!!
I'll show it to you when it comes.
I have picked names for 3 of them so far, (Suzie, Violet and Muffy),  but I need 3 more names.
So if you have any ideas let me know in the comments!

Everyone should have chickens!
They are so much fun (with benefits!!)


(I will attempt to get my menus together and posted by next Monday.
I've been a lame chicken mama and just eating helter-skelter!  : ))

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