Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Life with Baby Chicks

I'm sorry I haven't gotten menus on the last couple Mondays
I fell and injured my knee and wasn't doing much or anything till the past couple days.
See the whole story on my other blog.
The link is there on the right or you can just click here:

Anyway, my baby chicks came just 3 days after my accident but I managed to have someone drive me to the post office and I picked them up.
Here they were when they first arrived:
Just little puff balls.
Sorry about the red (that's the heat light) and it's blurry because they don't hold still for pictures!

They are already growing so fast and are 2 wks. old today.
Here's their photo-shoots!

Muffy, the easter egger, was the first to flutter to the top of the water container!

Out of the brooder for a little exercise.

This is Suzie (a light brahma)

a barred rock (no name yet)

Brought some grass and weeds in for them to peck through.

Three little fluffy butts

There's Muffy again.  Getting her wing feathers the fastest.

They'll be almost too big for the brooder box by next week so I've ordered a Puppy play pen!!
It's supposed to come tomorrow.
I saw that a few chicken people have used it and loved to so we'll see. 
I'm not sure were it will fit because it's 45 inches in diameter!!
I'll show it to you when it comes.
I have picked names for 3 of them so far, (Suzie, Violet and Muffy),  but I need 3 more names.
So if you have any ideas let me know in the comments!

Everyone should have chickens!
They are so much fun (with benefits!!)


(I will attempt to get my menus together and posted by next Monday.
I've been a lame chicken mama and just eating helter-skelter!  : ))


  1. They are darling and I have always wanted a couple of chickens. Do you still have the big ones?
    Hope your knee is better - take care.


  2. How about Poppy, Olive and Chloe?

    1. I love all three of those names. Thank you. I'll add them to my list : )) This so confusing!


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