Monday, July 25, 2011

Lemon Thyme Chicken

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I must admit that I changed this recipe just a tiny bit when I tasted the lemon sauce. It was a little too lemony so I added some brown sugar. (I seem to add brown sugar to an awful lot!! But it made it really good : ))

I sliced 3 chicken breasts lengthwise to make them thinner. You could pound them too.
Dredged them in the flour, salt and pepper and browned them in olive oil.

Set them aside in a covered bowl.

Started cooking some sliced zucchini in butter.

Browned the onion in butter in the chicken pan.

Added flour, thyme, chicken broth and lemon juice, (and brown sugar to taste : ))

Put the chicken back and cooked a few minutes to make hot.

OK, OK, I burned my zucchini. I like it like that!!!!

The chickn was good and tender.

Now, here is what I want to know. Does everyone's kitchen look like this when they're finished making something???
Mine always seems to . . . .

None of the TV cooks seem to have this problem!
Certainly not Martha!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thrifty Finds in July

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I stopped at Goodwill to drop some things off and of course had to go in.
I found these cute bird house dishes. Even though there were only two of each, I couldn't resist.

Design by Warren Kimble, one of most favorite artists.

Found a couple cute cups to go with them. All dishes were $1.00 each then 20% off.

I also found this pair of pedal pushers in a light weight cotton for this extremely hot weather! They were half price so they cost $1.75!!!!!!!
Happy hunting. It's been even too hot for me to go to any garage sales!

Sunny Yellow

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I love keeping a bowl of lemons on my counter. Sometimes I use them sometimes a few sort of shrivel up before I do. But they always look so fresh and are there if I need them. In fact, I'm planing on making some lemon chicken tonight that I saw a recipe for this week. I hope I can find it again!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Thoughts

I'm feeling very lazy as I wander around some of my favorite blogs and see some of the beautiful vegetable gardens that are being harvested now. That would be me if I would've made more of an effort to find someone else to rototill for me when my regular guy pooped out! Maybe I should just buy myself a little Mantis this fall when they go on sale. I WANT SOME TOMATOES AND FRESH GREEN BEANS!!!!!!!!!! My last store bought tomato had no taste at all!!!!

Outdoor Pinks

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I don't have much pink in my house so my pinks are always from my garden.
This is my most favorite flower. The purple cone flower or Echinacea.

Several of the Rose of Sharon bushes are in bloom now too.

Here's one white one; not as common as the pink and purple.
Have a great Saturday.
Stay cool.

At the Barn

It was so hot when I got to the barn that I had decided to rinse all our horses down to make them feel cooler. They had been out in the pasture all night and inside with their fans on the hot days. I first filled everyone's water buckets with fresh cold water. Then gave them each a nice cooling rinse under the hose.
I let them stand in front of the aisle fans which felt good to them and me!
Then I put them back in their stalls and gave them some hay.
Satire says Hello!

Preacher is just interested in the hay.

Echo's mane is so long and thick that I braided it up so it would be cooler.
He has such a shiny beautiful coat!
A storm came through and we actually felt some relief for awhile but I don't think it's supposed to last for too long.
Stay cool everyone. Go out and run through the sprinkler!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Know Your Mushrooms?

These mushrooms have appeared on the north side of a big tree that is cut halfway down. It had fallen in a storm a couple years ago but I only had it taken down where it cracked off because it's holding up one end of my hammock! So this is pretty much dead wood that they have grown on.

Anyone know what these are??

They're kind of pretty.

Also an update on the bluebird eggs. One morning I looked in to see if they had hatched and they were gone and there was evidence of some broken shells. So I supposed the raccoon got them.

It is so hot and humid here like so many places, it actually makes me nauseated to be out in it very long. Tomorrow I must go to the barn for a couple hours but I plan on playing in water. I like to wet the horses down. I'm sure it feels good to them too.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cookies and Kids

Babysitting Day

They of course, wanted to play outside but it was 94 and horribly humid so Nanna was not going out! I have to be out in that every other day at the barn!
So I had to think of something else. Little Jack fell asleep for his nap and Ava and I baked sugar cookies.

She's a two handed baker!!

I showed her the drop method but she wanted each one rolled in a ball.

Jack sleeping on the couch.

Here's our cookies.

Then Ava went in and fell asleep. This weather just does that to you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Purchase

This was my old TV stand. Much too small for the TV and I sure didn't like the black with my new bright yellow room. I need things to brighten up the room since I can't get rid of the brown leather furniture right now.
I may even paint my blanket chest white. It's in front of the couch, used as a coffee table.
The little table had to go.

I found the perfect TV cabinet I wanted and had to wait for it as it was out of stock FOREVER!!
It was finally delivered UPS and they left it in the middle of the driveway halfway to the house!!! That's a long ways! I couldn't get out there in time to plead for him to bring it at least to the deck before he sped away!
Thank goodness I found a hand truck in the garage.
Still, it was so hard!

I tipped it back onto the deck and slid it off.

Then practically killing myself, I slid it into the doorway to the family room.

As you can see, it weighs 92.8 lbs!!!!!!!!!!

Once I got it in, I un-boxed it and stacked it to wait for my son. (Because I hate to put this type of furniture together!)

My son came over after a couple days and whipped it together in no time. He also but all my electronics back in there correctly.

Wow, what a difference. It brightens up that whole corner. I LOVE it!!

And all my DVD's etc. fit inside with room to spare. So neat!
I got it from : ))

Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to Babysitting

I haven't had to do my weekly babysitting for about 3 months because my son, who is in construction, was laid off and he stayed at home with his children while Linda worked her 3 days a week.
I liked having the extra day per week that I was home without being at the barn but I did miss seeing my grandkids as they are at a really cute age where they are growing and changing so quickly.
Wednesday was such a nice day that we spent a lot of it outside.
Here's a few photos.

Rocky loves all the attention!!

Digging, digging

They found the keyboard under the bed in the spare room upstairs.
Jack was looking at everything with his flash light!

They ended the afternoon with a romp on Nanna's bed.
Really it WAS made before that!.
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