Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cookies and Kids

Babysitting Day

They of course, wanted to play outside but it was 94 and horribly humid so Nanna was not going out! I have to be out in that every other day at the barn!
So I had to think of something else. Little Jack fell asleep for his nap and Ava and I baked sugar cookies.

She's a two handed baker!!

I showed her the drop method but she wanted each one rolled in a ball.

Jack sleeping on the couch.

Here's our cookies.

Then Ava went in and fell asleep. This weather just does that to you!


  1. I've been unavailable for a few days, CT home searching...but, did you notice how round Eva's came out compared to yours that were just "dropped"...LOL!!!!...:)JP

  2. I know JP, they're perfect : ))

  3. You have two beautiful, precious Grandchildren Shirley. Looks like Ava knew what she was doing with those cookies and I'll bet she and Jack had great fun eating them.


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