Friday, July 8, 2011

More Chicken Thoughts

Here's my second choice for the chicken coop!
I have this great shed in the back. There's not much in it and the lawn mower and snow blower, my son is taking. A great guy named Bruce does my lawn in the summer and my plowing in the winter and I like it like that!!

It would make a really big chicken house and I don't think I could contain my self to 3-4 hens!!
That's the only problem.
The shed would have to have windows cut into it though, for ventilation. It has none now.
Saws-all anyone!!
And pens put out the sides. More work than the dog pen idea.

I could open the front doors and put screen doors in.

It already has a shelf in it that you could put nesting boxes on.

And has electricity. (Well, sort of. It's run under ground from the garage and isn't working at present. That would have to be dug up to find the problem I guess.)
All in all, I think I'm talking myself out of this as it would be a lot more expensive to pull off!!!

See, these pictures show what I was thinking of.

I think I'm obsessing!!!!!!!
Stop me!!!



  1. I like using the shed idea. It may be a little bit more now, but in the end you will like it better and it will better in the winter. You would only have to come out a small space on one side. Dig down and bury the fence 4-6 under ground so nothing will dig into them.
    With the shed you have plenty of flapping room for them in colder weather and storage for their feed and supplies.


  2. The shed is a good idea, Shirley, HOWEVER, it's so pretty as it is. I'd use the dog pen idea..hey can you pick up a couple of old dog houses with removable roofs?...:)JP...Can you tell I know very little about housing chickens?

  3. I Love the shed idea! Tete is right! It would be better for winter, and of course you can add a bit of heating in case it gets really cold! Plus they'd need more space than a dog house, after all, youre not planning to keep them to breed of make eggs, its for your enjoyment, and they'd feel much better about being free to run around. :)


  4. LOL ... that's what happens ... we start small and then it balloons out of control! But the shed looks like a good idea!

  5. You are out of control! As Kylie says to Micah when he gets to rambunctious too much Micah, too much. (except it should say Shirley) lol. I like the shed idea and it would not take much to convert it but make sure it is not a dirt floor and fencing is the key or your chickens will be a snack for some critter!


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