Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Thoughts

I'm feeling very lazy as I wander around some of my favorite blogs and see some of the beautiful vegetable gardens that are being harvested now. That would be me if I would've made more of an effort to find someone else to rototill for me when my regular guy pooped out! Maybe I should just buy myself a little Mantis this fall when they go on sale. I WANT SOME TOMATOES AND FRESH GREEN BEANS!!!!!!!!!! My last store bought tomato had no taste at all!!!!


  1. Me too! I was so afraid to put tomatoes back in my garden due to the fact that last year they were so beautiful and just ready to pick and the blight hit them. Lost them all! I was fit to be tied! >8^( So I was afraid the blight might still be in the ground. Your right, store bought not so good.
    But my pumpkins are "fantabulous"!

  2. I hear ya Shirley. I am going to work in my garden for the first time this year what with work and bad weather here.
    I buy the little plants and have great hopes but in reality time constraints have left my poor gardens covered in weeds.
    Next year maybe. BTW tomatoes love growing in big black pots. No tilling required.

  3. Heyy you! I planted some tomatoes in a pot at home and theyre GROWING! >:D Try that and youll get yourself some goodies! :)



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