Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Great App.

Actually my Equine Dentist told me about this app, so I have to thank him! (Oscar Suski)
If you're looking to buy a GPS, be sure to try this first if you have a smart phone.
I have an iPhone 4s and this app is amazing. My daughter paid a lot for her Garmen GPS and this is every bit as good. I haven't lost signal once with it. (Something that she complains about with her's)
It cost $2.99!!!!!!!!
You get free voice direction for 30 days and then it is $9.99/year.Well worth it, I'll tell you!
I got a holder for it for my dash on Amazon for $12.99 and I couldn't be happier!!
This App. is amazing!!!!!!!!
My carrier is At&T


Thursday, January 19, 2012

At Home

It kept snowing and snowing this morning; that fine snow. The roads looked like they were getting slick so I chose to stay home from the barn. I was supposed to go work with Echo today but I'll go the next 3 days. Hopefully the weather will get better. At least the roads.
I thought, I'll use this time to wash clothes and do a little cleaning.
Well, I did put a couple loads of wash in.
Haven't cleaned anything yet . . . .

Then I got hungry for some bakery and nothing was here, so I started baking.
My fast and easy peach cobbler is the first thing I thought of. It's really good because it's made with a whole stick of real butter : ))
As you can see, I've eaten two HUGE pieces already.

And just in case I finish off the cobbler, I made the Pillsbury refrigerated Cinnabon cinnamon rolls too! Well, I didn't want the expiration date to pass!
Now there's only me here and I'm not expecting any company for tea!
Staying home from the barn can make you fat!!!!
I'm just sayin'

Oh, here's the link for my peach cobbler recipe:


as I did the first time I made the cobbler, I'm linking up with Foodie Friday:
Found here:


Looking for "Hair" Solution

OK, I got the smallest little shop vac they have. It's nice and lite.
See those vents on the top? A windstorm comes out there! When I turned it on, hair flew everywhere!! Not good.
It has a strong suction so that it clamps onto the leather couch and I wouldn't want to try it on the dog! Another irritating thing is that the cord is too short. I got the hair cleaned up with it but it has more minuses than pluses.
Unfortunately, I can't take it back because it's now full of hair, but it's a handy size and I'll be able to use it for other things. I'm glad it was on sale for only $19.99.

Actually I can use my old Dirt Devil for now on the furniture. I should've tried that before I went out and got the other! Not thinking!!
Does anyone else with the "hair problem" have and good solutions????? Please write!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair! HAIR!

I'm not talking about my own hair here!
I'm talking about animal hair that doesn't stay put on the animal!!
Believe me, I've always had animals; all my life. I'm not a stranger to hair on my clothes that I have to sticky roll off, or hair on the furniture or in the car, or in my food.
I have horses too, that shed twice a year and that hair is all over my barn clothes, that gets in the car, then transfers to my house.

Rocky's hair is a little different than I had been used to in the past because it is short little spiky hairs that stick into what ever they get on and they do not brush off. The sticky roller does a little better but you still have to really work at it. On top of that, Rocky loves to rub his face and neck all over you. I think he's using me as a scratching post.

Now this is Miss Ellie. She has not one but two coats. Yes, an under coat which is fine, flies thru the air, gets up your nose and she, at will, rubs it on you. It's not easy to get off of anything. It's really nice when you step out of the shower and she rubs against your wet leg! And then of course there's the ever lovin' HAIR-BALL! Since cats groom themselves and swallow the hair, they hack it up at the most annoying times. Usually when you are having dinner and she stations herself right under the table. Maybe she thinks she may choke and tries to always get within ear shot so you could save her; maybe do the Heimlich maneuver! Or better yet, she will hack it up in the middle of the night, waking you to that disgusting sound. Of course by morning, you've forgotten about it and you always manage to step in it on your way to the bathroom (in your bare feet)!
See, isn't she sweet? She's very soft!

However, with all the animals I've lived with, I must say that nothing prepared me for the enormous amount of hair that is on a St. Bernard.
Or shall I say, "that comes off a St. Bernard"!
You see, he has a dense undercoat. Protects him in the Swiss Alps you know!
Well you can't even find his skin, it is so dense.
I read quite a bit about the breed before I adopted Monk. They did mention that they shed a lot, usually twice a year. I think that they shed in the spring and it takes them till fall for it all to come out and then the next day they start shedding the summer coat! So my thinking is that it's pretty much an all year thing. I brush him everyday and could make a small dog out of the hair I get.
He is the sweetest dog I think I've ever had. No matter how much care he is and how much he eats! all he has to do is look at me with his soulful eyes!

I've decided that I have to invest in a small shop vac. One I can just keep in the corner, that is lite-weight. I'm going to go to Sears tomorrow! Certainly, Craftsman has something to help me! Maybe Monk will let me use it on him!!!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Afternoon Table & Soup

It's cold, snowing and blustery outside. About 17 degrees. My snow plow guy just did my driveway and the wind is already blowing drifts back across it.
I decided to stay home from the barn because I would probably get stuck in the barn's driveway; it's hardly ever plowed. I got stuck bad twice last year.
So I thought, I haven't done a tablescape lately, I'll just do one of them!!
So here it is.

Just simple as I was eating early and just having soup and a salad.

Snow flakes for winter and dried hydrangeas for the hope of spring.

Yes, hot tea will be good.

This is the best cold weather meal!
(Link for the recipe is at the bottom.)

It is Turkeyburger soup and soooo simple and very healthy.

A healthy salad (well, except for the globs of poppyseed dressing : ))

I think they call this hamburger soup but I use ground turkey.

I had a wonderful late lunch with my dogs looking on.
Yes, they got a little bit too.
Here's my link for the recipe:

Stay warm.


Monk and the New Snow

We finally got snow last night after having a bare December and early January! Not normal for NE Ohio!!! So Monk was excited to get out in it this morning. He was romping around which is kind of hard to capture when I'm holding him and the camera. He won't be trained to the Invisible Fence till spring so I have to keep him on a line. I don't think he'd go far but you just never know if he would see someone walking their dog down the road.
I'll try to take my video camera out with me next time I take him out and if I get anything, I'll tack it on to here!

This big limb broke off my old pear tree last week in the wind. Glad it didn't hit the boat!

Monk thinks his job is to "shovel" all the snow off of things with his tongue.
I'm supposed to be at the barn today but don't want to drive in this. The roads are supposed to still be bad. So I'll wait. Maybe later.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Back In School

After months and months of being off, just living the good life with not even hardly being ridden, Echo is back in school!
I decided that I had to start taking riding lessons again to spur me on to riding a lot more. And Echo needs a lot of help! (Well, me too.)
We are starting with basics as Echo doesn't listen to leg aides at all. Eventually I hope to get into some low level dressage with him but we're a long way from there!
So put your smiley face on there Echo . . . you're going to be great!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Christmas to Winter White

Settling Into Winter

Yesterday I took down all my Christmas decorations. Well most of them. I still have the dining room to do.
Today I decided to just do some white winter themes on the mantle and the shelf in the family room.

I love the birds in the snow. They are at my kitchen window feeder all the time.
My header photos are all out my kitchen window.

I decided on my snowman plates for on the shelf, but it looks a little plain. I'll have to think of some things to add.

I'm linking in with "Transformation Thursday"

Have a nice Thursday. I'll be at the barn riding.
Stay warm.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Staying In!

I had things to do today; places to go, people to see! However, it's been snowing pretty good here all day. So unless I see my road clear up and some blue sky, I'm staying in!

I'm using this time to take my Christmas decorations down.
Maybe I'll start a fire in the fireplace.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Doggy Breath!!

Special Doggy Mouth Care

Monk has BDB! (BAD Doggy Breath.) It'll knock you down! The vet says he needs his teeth cleaned but can't for a while. So, Carol from our boarding barn told me about this procedure.
I have never been one to buy doggy tooth paste and try to brush my dog's teeth. But I'll try anything as to not have Monk's breath be so toxic!

So . . . I've got the Peroxide

I've got the cotton balls.

And I've got "the Monk".

He justs lays down when you want to do anything with him!

His front teeth look good but he has some tarter and stuff on the back ones.

Actually these bigger squares are better for such a big mouth.
Just wipe the teeth and the gums. And with him, there's a whole lot of mouth and jowls to wipe out!!!

He says, if we're done, I'd like outta here!
I've been cleaning his mouth for 3 days and I am actually starting to notice an improvement with his breath already!
Rocky, you're next!!

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