Thursday, January 19, 2012

At Home

It kept snowing and snowing this morning; that fine snow. The roads looked like they were getting slick so I chose to stay home from the barn. I was supposed to go work with Echo today but I'll go the next 3 days. Hopefully the weather will get better. At least the roads.
I thought, I'll use this time to wash clothes and do a little cleaning.
Well, I did put a couple loads of wash in.
Haven't cleaned anything yet . . . .

Then I got hungry for some bakery and nothing was here, so I started baking.
My fast and easy peach cobbler is the first thing I thought of. It's really good because it's made with a whole stick of real butter : ))
As you can see, I've eaten two HUGE pieces already.

And just in case I finish off the cobbler, I made the Pillsbury refrigerated Cinnabon cinnamon rolls too! Well, I didn't want the expiration date to pass!
Now there's only me here and I'm not expecting any company for tea!
Staying home from the barn can make you fat!!!!
I'm just sayin'

Oh, here's the link for my peach cobbler recipe:


as I did the first time I made the cobbler, I'm linking up with Foodie Friday:
Found here:



  1. I will come over and eat one of the rolls! I am wishing for a day where it snows and I just sit and watch it.

  2. Everything looks good and I love those cinnamon rolls, too -- as well as their orange rolls!

  3. Your cobbler looks delish! I love just about any kind of fruit cobbler, crisp or crumble, especially because you can pretty much justify eating them for breakfast lunch or dinner. LOL Well, at least I can. ;~) Popping in from Foodie Friday. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I love all your bird pictures. Thanks. Carol in NC


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