Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Afternoon Table & Soup

It's cold, snowing and blustery outside. About 17 degrees. My snow plow guy just did my driveway and the wind is already blowing drifts back across it.
I decided to stay home from the barn because I would probably get stuck in the barn's driveway; it's hardly ever plowed. I got stuck bad twice last year.
So I thought, I haven't done a tablescape lately, I'll just do one of them!!
So here it is.

Just simple as I was eating early and just having soup and a salad.

Snow flakes for winter and dried hydrangeas for the hope of spring.

Yes, hot tea will be good.

This is the best cold weather meal!
(Link for the recipe is at the bottom.)

It is Turkeyburger soup and soooo simple and very healthy.

A healthy salad (well, except for the globs of poppyseed dressing : ))

I think they call this hamburger soup but I use ground turkey.

I had a wonderful late lunch with my dogs looking on.
Yes, they got a little bit too.
Here's my link for the recipe:

Stay warm.



  1. Very pretty, Shirley! I love everything about it, your layered dishes, colors, flatware, and your chosen combination of linens. Perfection!

  2. Soup looks great, and the table setting is beautiful.
    I have similar placemats -- they are so useful!

    LOVE the runner, too -- that homespun-y plaid is just perfect for the table.
    But my big question -- how did you dry hydrangea and keep it so colorful? Mine always end up sort of icky tan.
    Thanks for sharing!
    We have had sprinklings of random flakes, but no "sticking" snow yet.
    I'm OK with that!

  3. Warm & inviting, Shirley ... & yummy deelish!
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. This is just so sweet and yummy looking! I will take a spot at your table any day! Giggles!

  5. I always love your table scapes, and the food. Looks a lot like my veggie soup. Stay warm!

  6. Your tablescape is so clean and simple. I love it! And your soup looks delicious. I had to move cars around in our driveway this morning and almost got stuck twice. That is no fun! I think I will just try to stay indoors until some of this white fluffy stuff melts.

  7. What a lovely setting you have there! I LOVE the color palette and your teapot is gorgeous!



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