Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a Little Change

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Let me say this. I used to move furniture around all the time in my other house, but I've hardly moved a thing in this house in the 12-13 years I've lived here. Boring hey!!!! Well, I do have my comfort zones : )) Maybe this blogspot will get me to look around more as to different things I can do here! This is an antique breakfront, (older than this house), that has been mine for about 20 years. I got it at an estate sale and I love it.

Now, all I did was open the desk front of the cabinet and bring down a chair from upstairs. I also had the little lamp in the library. It wasn't being used in there so I placed it on the desk. OK, it may not look that different to you but it is a change for me!

I'm going to get a smaller watt bulb for the little lamp. All I had was a 40 watt and that's too much for the little shade. I'll get a 25 watter.
Well, have a nice Monday everyone. Maybe next week I'll attempt something bigger!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blue Monday 6/29

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Everyone always has such interesting "blues".

OK, I like Blue Monday because it was my main color for a long time and I have a lot of it!!
I found four of these beautiful plates at GW for $2.00 each. I can see an upcoming tablescape!!!

On my stove sits my salt box. I love the checker pattern. I wish I had more pieces of that. The little hand quilted hot pad was made by a woman I knew when I had my shoppe.

Hope this teal colored chair counts as blue. I love this little chair. It was in my parents bedroom by the door and I remember my father always sitting down there to put his socks on. Funny the things that come back to you. Also you can see my little Sunbonnet Sue quilt on the quilt rack. I think my Mom gave me that but I don't remember who made it. (That didn't come back so well!!)

Last are my little braided stair treads. I know, I should've vacuumed first but I had the camera and there they were shouting "BLUE" so this is what you got. When we had the floors redone before we moved into this old house, the refinishers told us that the wood on the stairs is black walnut. Most of the down stairs is either red oak or heart pine. Nice wide plank flooring. And the man who owned the house before us had it all covered up with wall to wall carpeting!!
Have a great Monday everyone. See you here and there in blogland!

My Thrifty Sale Finds

Please join Ronda at to see all the things that everyone has found.

These were my patriotic finds this week. A nice basket with a star lining, a pretty red vase and the tray with silhouettes of Martha and George. All three for $5.00. The lining in the basket is nice and I can now use it to make a pattern for other linings. I'm thinking of getting a new sewing machine. Mine is a 35 year old Singer that just sews straight and zigzag. The new ones do so much more. Of course I heard they have plastic gears and not the metal ones like my old one does. Well, I'll have to think on it more. I really don't sew all that much!

Isn't this hand painted dish the sweetest little thing! I got it at a garage sale for $2.00. It's in perfect shape.

The wicker wall basket and the little shelf are both in line for white paint. The basket I plan on hanging on my front door with some pretty summer flowers in it. I'm not sure where the shelf will go but I'll find a place. Photos will come later.

I found this bed tray at GW and plan of course painting it white. It will do until I find a nice white wicker one.
Have a great Monday and have fun at those sales!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Promise of the Garden

So here is my garden today 6/26. It's progressing nicely. I know only you vegetable gardeners will be much interested in this blog but I think a nice kept veggie garden is as pretty as a flower bed!

This is lettuce and down from it is spinach. I can hardly eat enough salads to keep up with this!

These are my potatoes! Two rows. One of red potatoes and one of yukon gold. When the plant starts to die back in the fall, that's when you dig down and get all the potatoes. Lots of them!! It's like digging for treasures.

These are the flowers of the potato plant. I think they're really pretty.

Carrots. They took the longest to come up. Obviously I don't have many rabbits around.

Beets. Aren't they pretty. You can use the greens in salads when they're young. I should thin them out more but I just hate doing that!

Green beans in the foreground.

The little zucchinis are growing fast. I have two plants of zucchini and two of acorn squash.

A little baby acorn squash.

And yes, there they are, the first little tomatoes. Aren't they cute! I have 4 plants. Two big tomatoes and two little "sweet 100's".
Well that's the progression of my garden. It was planted May 17th. So in just 6 weeks it went from dirt to this. Pretty amazing yes? Another miracle that we overlook.
Have a nice weekend bloggers.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simple Tablescape 6/25

Thanks goes to Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday every week!! Visit her beautiful site at

A quick, easy table this week.
These beautiful summery plastic dishes I found at Kohls at 55% off!! Placemats from Walmart.

Chicken salad and iced tea.

A lite, casual afternoon lunch with my sister.
Have a great Thursday everyone. You might be wondering why all my tablescapes are outside!!! . . . It's because I gave away my dining room furniture and I haven't found a set I like enough yet! I'm looking for windsor chairs! Not real antique ones but a good copy at least. Hope I find them before the weather turns cold!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Outdoor Wednesday! 6/24

Now, after you look here, you go on over to Susan's at A Southern Daydreamer and see everyone's venture outdoors.
Thank you Susan for hosting this adventure.

(Remember if you want to see my photos larger just click on them. To return just hit the back button)

Now, nothing says summer quite like this. Where's a pillow and my book?

A "country garden" wouldn't be complete without foxglove.

I found this butterfly at the garden store. It's on a thin metal stick you put in the ground and it's sort of constantly moving. Cool! I think I'll get some more. They come in all colors and some really shine.

My creeping thyme is blooming. This is more ornamental. Not the thyme you use in food. You could use this in potpourri though.

My shed in the back. The ivy is starting to take over!

I wish my shed had some windows so I could REALLY use it as a potting shed. Right now it
just has "stuff" in it.

An old watering can I discovered when I was pulling out some high weeds.

Have a go at the swing hanging in the big oak tree.
Have a great Wednesday outside! Hope it's not really hot where you are. I have to babysit!! Yikes!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

White, White and More White!

Thank you so much for this fun table setting event Kathleen! Please visit her site at There will be a whole lot of beautiful tables I'll bet.

Here's my white on white dish tablescape. I love it!! But there's something missing. Oh . . . flowers. I added them later in the photos. It was breezy and I was having a heck of a time keeping the candles burning. I used up a whole book of matches.
(By the way don't forget if you click on my photos they will get bigger.)

There's those little birdies again!

Cups and saucers are from Goodwill. Go with everything! And, you know . . . . very cheap. (or I mean inexpensive)

My sterling silverware is Towle, Rambler Rose. My Godmother started buying me a piece for every occasion when I was born! I REALLY appreciate it now! I need a new silver box though. My old one doesn't seal well enough anymore.

Those lady golfers are probably wondering what on earth I'm doing over here. Such a pretty table, a camera on a tripod and I looked a wreck! I bet they wonder who's coming to dinner????

The crystal wines were a wedding gift I think. It's all kind of a blur!

This sugar spoon was my Mom's

This pretty sugar and creamer I found at T J Max for $3.99 each.

Look at these pretty little napkins. I got four of them at GW for $1.00. Well, really $.80 because I had a 20% off coupon for everything that day!

The sun is going down and no one is here but me!

Changed the napkins to inside the glasses.

I definitely like the napkins in the wine glasses the best.

White, silver and crystal looks beautiful by candlelite.

Let's face it, it's night and no one is coming!! That's OK, there wasn't any food anyway!!!
This was fun. Have a great Tuesday everyone. Time for bed!!
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