Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a Little Change

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Let me say this. I used to move furniture around all the time in my other house, but I've hardly moved a thing in this house in the 12-13 years I've lived here. Boring hey!!!! Well, I do have my comfort zones : )) Maybe this blogspot will get me to look around more as to different things I can do here! This is an antique breakfront, (older than this house), that has been mine for about 20 years. I got it at an estate sale and I love it.

Now, all I did was open the desk front of the cabinet and bring down a chair from upstairs. I also had the little lamp in the library. It wasn't being used in there so I placed it on the desk. OK, it may not look that different to you but it is a change for me!

I'm going to get a smaller watt bulb for the little lamp. All I had was a 40 watt and that's too much for the little shade. I'll get a 25 watter.
Well, have a nice Monday everyone. Maybe next week I'll attempt something bigger!!


  1. That piece is absolutely gorgeous! I can honestly say that I do not own a piece that is that nice. I love the detail. It looks so much warmer with the desk pulled down and the lamp on. I love the little area to the left also. So beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. I am having my first giveaway, so stop by if you would like!

  2. That is a beautiful desk/hutch - what a great classic piece! I love it with the lid opened! I had a secretary in my living room where I kept the upper doors opened for a long time and loved it. You asked about hanging the metal pocket on a storm door - a very large suction cup with a hook - found it at HobLob near all the wreaths, etc. It is supposed to hold up to 20 lbs. That'll do it! Linda

  3. Hi Shirley !
    I love that hutch - looks great with the lamp - warms everything up !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. I have a secretary in my living room that looks like this and I love it. I love it with the desk part down. I would say after 20 years, that piece of furniture is YOURS! Life is all about change--big and small :)

  5. I always say the beauty is in the details. And you proved that to be true today!

  6. What a lovely piece. Wish I had one:)

  7. Oh I like that piece of furniture. It is a piece of art. With it open you can really appreciate all of the details.

  8. Back again Shirley to let you know you have been tagged. Come by my glog...ha ha I mean blog to see what you were tagged with.

  9. Shirley, I love that piece! It is gorgeous. I have a good friend who used to work with my husband, and she is from Ohio. She has found the greatest things there. You'll get a kick out of this, but when we first lived years ago in Central Florida, I bought a one horse open sleigh from someone in Tampa who had bought it at a farm auction in Ohio. I still have it, and it's still waiting for its first Florida snowfall. ;-)

    I agree with you about nautical antiques, I found better ones up North in CT and ME (a bit pricey, but really neat)... but there used to be a shop in Fernandina Beach (or at least an antiques dealer in an antique mall) who had wonderful things. And there's an antique mall in Destin that does. They can get pricey, but every now and then you find something wonderful. My favorite dealer in St. Augustine retired (though I have a favorite print of the U.S.S. Florida and crew from an antique prints dealer), so I had to branch out from there.

    I have two old canvas life rings, and one has J. P. Morgan's name on it. The story goes that he had a place in or around Amelia Island, and they sold off some things from a shed. This was in it. One of my favorite things I bought was a lobster trap on eBay. LOL! It had a flat top, and I wanted to use it for a table. I eventually moved it to the front porch. I also bought lobster trap shelves from the Pacific Northwest that I had intended to use in my kitchen, but they smelled a little fishy. LOL! So, I have yet to do something with him. Some day, I'll find the perfect spot. ;-)

    Lastly, I had a wonderful door to that bathroom that is painted in Dunmore Cream. It was the hatch from the light tender's boat in St. Augustine and dated to the 1800's. When we thought about selling the house, I had our carpenter build a new door to look like a ship's hatch because this one was rustic, and I didn't want someone to buy the house and throw it out because I love it. We have plans to eventually build out a room over the garage to have a nautical look with bead board and nautical antiques, and I would like to put that door on a bath up there. Currently, it's sitting in the garage, waiting.

    Wish you were still in Anna Maria. We could go shopping! :-)


    Sheila :-)

  10. Howdy Shirley
    Just rode by today to wish you a very happy 4th of July weekend.
    Hope all is well with you .
    Blessings to you sweetie.
    Happy Trails

  11. Hi Shirley,
    What a gorgeous piece! I wish I knew more about antiques, but to my eye that appears to be museum-quality. I DO love good estate sales!

    Thank you so much for visiting my new blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope our paths cross again very soon. Happy 4th!!!



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