Sunday, June 21, 2009

Change of Bedding

Thank you Susan for hosting Metamorphasis Monday. Please visit Susan at her inspiring site at

The Before. No one really sees my bedroom upstairs but me but I like buying linens and it will make me feel good : )) I need to paint my walls. What do you think? My whole house is painted ivory white!! I need color!

The After. Got a new quilt, sheets and pillows for summer.

I think this looks nice and cool for summer don't you?

I nice summer breeze blew in right at the right moment.

I have a lot of antique lace and linens. One of my favorite things to collect. I had an antique shop for about 12 years and I managed to save a lot of them for myself.

I love these colors together.

Love this picture of my parents right after they got married and in there first little apartment.
Have a nice Monday everyone. I'm excited to see everyone's ideas.


  1. Your color scheme is so summer like. This is lovely.

  2. The metamorphosis is really pretty. I love the green.Good job Shirley.

  3. I love the new bedding. It does look fresh & summery.

  4. I found your blog due to you being featured in 'Interior Rooms' "Newbie Wednesday" :-} I would reccomend a very very light tint of green for your walls. The green on your bed would bring out the green of the walls ...
    Cheryl B.

  5. Four poster beds make me go ahhhhh. I wish my bedroom was large enough for one. I feel the breeze with that curtain blowing. ahhhhh.

    You have a beautiful blog. I think today may be the first time I've visited. I'm going to add you as a favorite.


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