Friday, August 26, 2011

My Little Foster Dog

OK, maybe not so little!


I've been thinking about fostering or adopting another dog for awhile now.
I never imagined that this loving fellow would come into my life. There are a couple rescue dogs at the barn where my horses are and the girl that fosters them was there and told me about Monk.
I love big dogs but have never had one this huge. I mostly always had labs.
However this big guy is a senior. He's 7 years old which is quite old for a St Bernard.
Plus he has many medical problems. He's heart worm positive and has an enlarged heart and vessels. He arthritic, has some hot spots on his legs and other issues.
He's on a lot of medication
I suppose the chances of him being adopted are slim unless maybe by me!
Right now I'm fostering and evaluating his daily life and his relationship with Rocky.

This is the first day I met him and brought Rocky to meet him. Rocky ran around the yard at the barn looking for birds and didn't really pay any attention to him. They sniffed and that was about it. Monk must be a well balanced dog as Cesar Milan explains, because he certainly has a calming affect on Rocky.

How could a family leave this dog at his age and put him in a rescue? This breed gets so attached to their family. It had to be devastating to Monk.
He was with the rescue's 1st foster only about a week before I told her I wanted to foster him and he was already clinging to her. She's a wonderful person who truly loves dogs and is fostering five.
Look at those eye's. How could you say no!

He's as long as my kitchen island! And takes up a heck of a lot of floor space!

I set up a pool for him on the deck to drink from and stand in if he's warm.
Although right now he'd rather be in the house. They love the winter and don't do well in warm temps. So air conditioners are real important in the summer.

I took him to the barn with me the past two days. He's about the same size as the miniature horse!

He's waiting while I clean Satire's stall.

He's very INACTIVE". Something I'm not used to in a dog! He lays around and pants a lot, drinks a lot and of course there is the slobbering : ))
But he wants his person to be in his sight most of the time.
I can't wait for my grand children to see him.
They are known to be the ultimate "babysitting dog".
So this is himself. His name is Monk, probably after the monks in Switzerland that bred them for guarding and rescue. There's a lot of interesting information about the breed online.
I sure pray I have at least a few years with him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pork Chops, Apples and Cabbage

I'm linking this dinner to Foodie Friday at:

I got these recipes from watching Lucinda Scala Quinn on her cooking program on the Hallmark channel. I really like her program.
The bone in, thick pork chops (3) were supposed to be done on top the stove but since I was babysitting, I decided to use the crock pot. I first browned the pork chops and sliced onion in a pan then cut up 2 apples and put them on the bottom of the crock pot, added the browned chops and onions and poured in a can of chicken broth. It says you could use beer or wine instead if you'd like.

The cabbage is so easy and very tasty. It can be done about 15 minutes before serving. I sliced up and browned (in olive oil), one onion, added a diced tomato, some ginger and a tiny bit of red pepper flakes, (optional). I then thinly sliced a half head of cabbage and put it in the pan with some course salt letting it reduce but still remain a little crunchy. That's it. A quick healthy veggy!

Here's the pork chops and apples all ready and falling apart.
(This would be good over rice.)

This was very good and quick to make.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Echo Needs a Pool!

I wish I would've had my video camera today!
The horses were in the arena.
I heard this sloshing sound going on and on.
When I went to look, it was Echo playing in the water tub again!
He's the only horse that does this and it goes on for about 10 minutes at a time!

He's not drinking, he's playing in the water!
Sometimes he paws the ground with his front foot like he's in a creek!

I think he needs his own pool!!!!!

The other horses just watch!

Echo . . . he's SPECIAL!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, so far . . . NO COOP!!!!!
My carpenter friend is sick. Where is my son!!!
He works in construction!

My garden shed is looking better and better!
Needs some revamping though.
And fencing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is the Annabelle Hydrangea. It is white all through late spring and most of the summer. The blooms are huge and beautiful. The only problem is when it rains they get so heavy they bend to the ground.
As they age they turn green. That's what they are now.

I've brought some in to dry them. I usually stick them in water for a few days and as they start to feel drier, I pour the water out and just let they dry in the vase.

It's nice to have green in the house in the cold winter. I just picked the blue one for the heck of it. I forget the name of that kind. I'll bring some of them in too. They are blue, purple and pink.

Oh Dear, Ragweed!

There's a place outside here where there's just ground cover and ferns that a plant that I didn't know started to grow. I let it grow and it got bigger and bigger. I wanted to see how big it would get! It was by my one hummingbird feeder and gave them a little privacy.

Now the plant is much taller than me!
I searched around on the internet and found out that it's Giant/Great Ragweed!!!!!! Yikes!!

I'll be cutting it down today before these tassels bloom out and make pollen!
I guess I can just cut it down, maybe treat the tassels with a weed killer and put it in the burn pile. If anyone knows of a reason why I shouldn't treat it like that please let me know!

P.S. I cut these down and then looked else where in the yard. Low and behold, in my old herb garden that is over grown, there was a huge forest of these!! I cut them down too. It took me all afternoon. Now where did these come from??? I never had this before!!! I'm sure the wind or the birdies brought them!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Favorite Comfort Food

What's your favorite comfort food?
I have a few but I'd say the one I go to the most often is just plain cream of tomato soup with some crackers or some buttered toast cubes broken up in it.
Yep, it's what I had for dinner!

What's your favorite???


Monday, August 15, 2011

Echo's Visitors

I haven't had a chance to blog this week because my sister is visiting and we have shopping to do!!!!!!
Last week she came, along with her daughter Julie, her grand daughter, Morgan and Morgan's boyfriend, Paul. They all came to visit Echo.
My niece Julie was Echo's first mommy after he was born and she gave him to me when he was under 2 years old.
Here is Julie on Echo.

That's me making sure everyone stays on top the horse!

Paul. He had never ridden and was very good!

Echo's favorite game with the ball.

This is Morgan, She's 14 now. She's taken riding lessons before.

Echo behaved himself very well.
It was probably good it was very hot and he had no energy!
By the end of the rides, he just wanted to go back to his stall and stand in front of his fan!
These photos were taken by a couple different people with Julie's camera.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day at the Fair

I spent a good day at the County Fair today. The weather was good. Partly sunny and not too awful hot.
Below is a partial collection of some pictures I snapped.
I paid more attention to the chickens this year since I plan on getting some if I indeed ever get a coop.
Two Mrs. Pigs had little piggies which is always cute to see.
One of my favorite barns to go in is the Draft horses. I just love them.
I plan on going back on Sunday to see more of the Dock Dogs perform and more of the 4H horse shows.

Today was just for wandering around, seeing a little bit of everything and eating lots of stuff I shouldn't! I'll do more of that too on Sunday : ))

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rocky and His Moose

I know that cat wants my moose!

If I keep laying on it, he can't get it.

Maybe if I show him how tough I am!

What!!! He doesn't want my moose???

Did I win??
Is he still back there??

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Stormy Barn Day

We had big thunderstorms roll through here while I was at the barn today.
It rained really hard then it started to hail which seemed to last about 5 minutes.
The sound of that on a metal roof of the barn was deafening. We couldn't hear each other talking at all.
Satire got scared in his stall an was moving around quite a bit. Wide eyed!
These pictures of the hail stones were taken at least 10 minutes after they had fallen so they've melted quite a bit. They were about quarter sized.

It's OK now Satire!

After the storm.

A couple weeks ago Carol went around and wrote appropriate sayings on everyone's stalls with chalk for fun!
This is for Satire's special diet!

And for Preacher the herd leader.

And this is the most appropriate one of all!
My bad little boy Echo!
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