Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pork Chops, Apples and Cabbage

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I got these recipes from watching Lucinda Scala Quinn on her cooking program on the Hallmark channel. I really like her program.
The bone in, thick pork chops (3) were supposed to be done on top the stove but since I was babysitting, I decided to use the crock pot. I first browned the pork chops and sliced onion in a pan then cut up 2 apples and put them on the bottom of the crock pot, added the browned chops and onions and poured in a can of chicken broth. It says you could use beer or wine instead if you'd like.

The cabbage is so easy and very tasty. It can be done about 15 minutes before serving. I sliced up and browned (in olive oil), one onion, added a diced tomato, some ginger and a tiny bit of red pepper flakes, (optional). I then thinly sliced a half head of cabbage and put it in the pan with some course salt letting it reduce but still remain a little crunchy. That's it. A quick healthy veggy!

Here's the pork chops and apples all ready and falling apart.
(This would be good over rice.)

This was very good and quick to make.


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  1. Oh now this looks delicious, Shirley! P.S. The ragweed from the surrounding mountains is driving my allergies nuts!...:)JP


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