Friday, August 26, 2011

My Little Foster Dog

OK, maybe not so little!


I've been thinking about fostering or adopting another dog for awhile now.
I never imagined that this loving fellow would come into my life. There are a couple rescue dogs at the barn where my horses are and the girl that fosters them was there and told me about Monk.
I love big dogs but have never had one this huge. I mostly always had labs.
However this big guy is a senior. He's 7 years old which is quite old for a St Bernard.
Plus he has many medical problems. He's heart worm positive and has an enlarged heart and vessels. He arthritic, has some hot spots on his legs and other issues.
He's on a lot of medication
I suppose the chances of him being adopted are slim unless maybe by me!
Right now I'm fostering and evaluating his daily life and his relationship with Rocky.

This is the first day I met him and brought Rocky to meet him. Rocky ran around the yard at the barn looking for birds and didn't really pay any attention to him. They sniffed and that was about it. Monk must be a well balanced dog as Cesar Milan explains, because he certainly has a calming affect on Rocky.

How could a family leave this dog at his age and put him in a rescue? This breed gets so attached to their family. It had to be devastating to Monk.
He was with the rescue's 1st foster only about a week before I told her I wanted to foster him and he was already clinging to her. She's a wonderful person who truly loves dogs and is fostering five.
Look at those eye's. How could you say no!

He's as long as my kitchen island! And takes up a heck of a lot of floor space!

I set up a pool for him on the deck to drink from and stand in if he's warm.
Although right now he'd rather be in the house. They love the winter and don't do well in warm temps. So air conditioners are real important in the summer.

I took him to the barn with me the past two days. He's about the same size as the miniature horse!

He's waiting while I clean Satire's stall.

He's very INACTIVE". Something I'm not used to in a dog! He lays around and pants a lot, drinks a lot and of course there is the slobbering : ))
But he wants his person to be in his sight most of the time.
I can't wait for my grand children to see him.
They are known to be the ultimate "babysitting dog".
So this is himself. His name is Monk, probably after the monks in Switzerland that bred them for guarding and rescue. There's a lot of interesting information about the breed online.
I sure pray I have at least a few years with him.


  1. Monk is beautiful!!!!! I could never have a dog this big, but I hope you enjoy fostering him. As far as wearing off on your pointer...don't count on it! LOL Sandy

  2. Bless you Shirley. I'm sure Monk and Rocky will become firm friends :o) Hope everything works out well,though Monk already looks quite at home!

  3. Shirley, what a wonderful woman you are! I hope it all works out and Monk has a furever home with you and Rocky

  4. Monk has already worked his way into my mom's heart. I just hope we can get his meds & eating regulated. He is a wonderful guy!

  5. Monk is beautiful. Thank you for caring for him. I hope it all works out with you and Rocky and the horses.
    Blessings, Beth

  6. I know Monk wishes he has a few years with you also Shirley. The good Lord has blessed you both!


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