Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walking the Garden

I'm joining The Tablescaper for "Seasonal Sundays" for my walk through the garden today.

This has been one of the few really nice days this month! We've had rain, rain, rain! Of course the gardens must have liked it because they are very quickly coming alive! It's just too bad we haven't been able to enjoy them much yet. Even today it isn't all that warm. I don't think we hit 60 degrees today but I'm not complaining! The SUN was out!!!!

These are the flowers on my holly bushes just starting to open . When they are fully open the scent is heavenly. They are right by my kitchen porch.

I used to have a lot of tulips. Now I think I have a couple lone tulips that have survived the chipmunks and voles! I should really plant some this fall!

This is a type of forget-me-nots with silvery leaves . The plant looks good even after it's done blooming.

One of my favorites. The bleeding hearts. These are the old fashioned kind.

Hostas must be one of the fastest growing plants!! I swear two days ago these were nothing but little pokers out of the ground!

Another lone tulip in amongst my wonderful ground cover of sweet woodruff. It's about to bloom too. Fragrant little white flowers.

My one azalea bush! I don't know why I don't plant more of these! I did try them in the back but they never survived. This one likes it's spot in the front next to the front porch.

Ellie was quietly watching me taking pictures. I didn't see her up on her chair for the longest time.

And here's Rocky. This is his favorite spot on the deck as he can see all the way down the road and be prepared to bark at anyone taking a walk or a jog.
Hope you are having a beautiful Spring.

Is This Really a Weed!

I guess we mostly think of dandelions as weeds but I must say, I was happy to see my first one this spring!!! They aren't really weeds as you can eat them in salads.
I say cheer on the lowly dandelion this year!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Good Buys

I'm linking up my good buys with Leigh at Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday:

Real Bargains!!

Yesterday I was out and about and stopped in the Volunteers of America Thrift Store.
As I was entering, I saw a big sign on the door! "50% off everything in store"!! Wow, did I come on the right day or what!!
I always look at dishes and stuff first but found none. This store has a lot of clothes and soft home decor things.

The first thing that caught my eye was this large yellow "Martha Stewart" table cloth.
It seems ever since I painted my family room yellow, I am immediately drawn to that color!!

$3.99 means it's $2.00 at half price : ))

Here's my favorite things I found. These are 20" square pillow shams, quilted.
There were 3 of them.

Yep . . . 59 cents!! That means they were 30 cents each at half price. Unbelievable!!

The backs just tie shut.

A round blue check table cloth will be great outside on the deck on my round ice cream set table.

Came to $1.50 at half price! I'm lovin' this!!!!

Pretty little runner.

Not hand made but so delicate

Yep, a buck!

I collected my haul and then stopped in at Goodwill.
I got these china napkin holders for $2.00

Pretty and always useful.

Today I went to JoAnn Fabrics, used my three 40% off coupons and got three 20 inch pillow forms
I love my new pillows!

I also found this perfect yellow fabric marked down to $3/yd.
I bought all 3 yards they had and am going to make more pillows!
Those are my good bargains of the week : ))
What do you think?


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Riding for Fun, Easter 2011

Fun At The Barn

I was trying to steer him with just my seat position. He does pretty good.

Echo loves to play ball.

When Echo got tired, we decided to ride him bareback. Michele is used to doing this.

Me, on the other hand am not! My balance isn't near as good as it used to be! (And when you don't have stirrups, your balance better be good!) A horse is slippery!
Below is a little video of today.

My daughter Michele and I always ride together on holidays. Today I wasn't having Easter dinner so we went to the barn.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dreary April Days

Rain, Rain, Rain!!

I know it's April but this is getting ridiculous!
We had one sunny day yesterday and it's back to rain. And in between the "just rain", we have storms!
It's downright depressing!

And besides that, it's cold and damp and miserable!

My daffodills are blooming but they're all bent over in the rain. They look sad!

Rocky doesn't want to stay out in this either!
Well, here's hoping we have a beautiful warm and sunny May!
Just me complaining!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apricot Pork Chops

I'm linking this crock pot meal on "Foodie Friday"
at Designs by Gollum:

This recipe is from Stephanie O'Dea's wonderful slow cooker cook book.
Everything I've made from this book has been wonderful!!

Here's the recipe.

8 hours on low and it's just about done and falling apart good.

I decided, since the table was set in the dining room, I'd eat in there tonight!

I can't express to you enough how delicious these were!! I mean I wanted to pick them up and eat them off the bone.

The sauce over the rice was heaven!!!!
Give them a try!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beatrix Potter Tablescape

I'm linking my Easter bunny tablescape with Susan at BNOTP for "Tablescape Thursday".
Find her wonderfully inspiring blog here:

My simple Easter tablescape was inspired by the Beatrix Potter books.
I saw a movie about her life and immediately looked for the collection of her children's books.
I found them on eBay and love them.

So far my grandchildren are too young to handle them but I will soon be reading them to the two of them when they are old enough to sit still!

All the dishes on the table were thrifty buys from either Goodwill or garage sales!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone.
He is Risen.

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