Friday, April 22, 2011

Dreary April Days

Rain, Rain, Rain!!

I know it's April but this is getting ridiculous!
We had one sunny day yesterday and it's back to rain. And in between the "just rain", we have storms!
It's downright depressing!

And besides that, it's cold and damp and miserable!

My daffodills are blooming but they're all bent over in the rain. They look sad!

Rocky doesn't want to stay out in this either!
Well, here's hoping we have a beautiful warm and sunny May!
Just me complaining!


  1. I love the rain but that's probably because we don't get very much here so it's a rare treat! I can imagine after a while it gets old. Your poor Daffodils, they do look sad but I'm sure they're perk up once the sun comes out!

    Have a wonderful Easter:)

  2. I am totally depressed with you!!! I am so sick of this I could scream. This should be gorgeous weather not socked in like the northwest! I have had to get away to find sunshine! I am such a sun girl! I hope your Easter weekend is sunny and gorgeous.

  3. Living in a rain forest area we get tons of rain but it doesn't bother me....much...
    We do have gorgeous sunshine right now and the flowers here are standing straight up. We grow them tough up here in Canada.
    Happy Easter Shirley


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