Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving at Carl and Linda's 2013

Here's a few pics from Thanksgiving.  Michele took the ones with her mark on 
and I took the blurry ones : ))

It was Jack's birthday party too.  He just turned five.  Here his daddy and him are reading the directions to one of the toys.
I thought it was a funny series.

Now, what to get the kids for Christmas!!!!!!!!
I'm hoping to do all my shopping online this year.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

More About Dexter

Dexter, my foster pointer went to the vet for his exam and neutering, vaccines and microchip.
His house training is coming along nicely.
The neutering definitely helped with the "marking".
He has a great personality and is good with all people and kids.
He likes Monk and they get along fine.
He just wants to chase the cat so far and Ellie won't have any of it so she growls, spits, strikes and does everything else to make herself like a wild cat!  This just made Dexter want to chase her more and bark.
So we have to work on the cat thing!
Here's some more recent photos.

Yes, he learned about the couch very quickly!

He's a counter surfer!

And a pillow de-stuffer!

Just looking around.

One of his new toys.

And yes, I've told PRO to send me the adoption papers!!
I guess I'm not too good at the fostering thing!!
But I just love this guy's personality and he will keep me exercising!!


Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I had to show you my sister's beautiful handmade card.
It went right to my mantle.

I spent the day with my daughter and my son and his wife, Linda and my 2 grandchildren.  
What a nice day.
I hope you had a great day too.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Where Was I?

Fifty Years Ago on Nov.22nd

I had graduated from nursing school and just in my first year of marriage.
I was 21 years old.
I was shopping downtown Cleveland in Higbees.
I heard people talking and upset about something and listened more carefully when I heard the murmurings of the terrible news of the president being shot.
I made my way to the television department in Higbees where other people were also gathering.
I don't know how long I was there watching the news but I remember the bus ride home.  
It was totally silent on the bus.
I later found out that my 2nd husband, Jack had also been there in Higbees at the same time.
I didn't meet him for another 14 years.
I was working at St Luke's hospital as my first job as a new RN and was in a ward on an all women's floor when Oswald was shot.  We watched that on a TV in the ward.
I just remembered that as I was thinking about things on this day.
Where were you that day?
Everyone remembers.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

My New Foster Dog

Well folks, I'm going to try this foster thing again.
See, if you remember, Monk was a foster too but I crumbled in about 2 or 3 weeks and adopted him.
I'd like to be a successful foster Mom and find homes for lots of dogs!
I saw a posting on FB by the Pointer Rescue Org. about this young pointer that had been a stray and was living on a farm in a kennel on cold cement.  Well, it was really getting cold and snow was coming.  Pointers, with their thin, single layer of hair don't do well in the cold.
It tugged at me.
So I answered because it was fairly close to me.
I picked him up 2 days ago.
His name is Dexter.

He's happy, happy, happy in my nice warm house!

I really don't think he's ever been inside a house before.  He's not trained at all, knows no commands, not even sit and was shocked by the TV!!!!!!!!!

Because of his lack of house breaking and he is marking everything!, he is in the crate when I'm not right with him,
Monk and him are hitting it off just fine.
But then Monk loves everybody.

Dexter gets vetted and neutered tomorrow.
I'm hoping that helps a lot.
He's has a sweet disposition and is very friendly.
I think he was definitely a hunting dog.

I'll keep you all posted on his schooling.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ava's 4th Riding Lesson

Today was my grand-daughter's 4th riding lesson at our barn.
She begins by going to get him from his stall after she puts her helmet on.
Of course Stephanie is with her the whole time.
Then she grooms him and helps get him saddled up.
She is learning all the names of everything.
Preacher is calm and patient and gentle.

She got to jog today for the first time.  She giggles and loves it.
I'm praying that she continues with her weekly lessons.

Here's a little video of her jogging.
(I forgot to turn lights on so video is a little dark)


I wish I could've started lessons at 6 years old!!!


Friday, November 8, 2013

A Quick Crockpot Rave

I found a great crockpot recipe and made it the other day.  It's one of the best chicken ones I've tried.
It doesn't even taste like it was made in a crockpot.  You know some of the recipes get to tasting the same.  Especially with chicken and if it involves canned soup.
This has soup in it but also sour cream and stuffing!
I'm telling you, it's delicious!  Go see: 

It starts out saying "There's nothing about this I don't like!"

The only thing I changed was instead of chicken breasts, I used chicken thighs which I think are better for this.  (more moist)
Sorry I didn't take any photos when I was making it.
but the original site where it came from has pictures.
Hope you'll try it.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Don't Chickens Get Cold!

The past week it's been warm for November in Ohio.  
It was in the low 60s a couple days.
However a front came through last night and it rained and now it really feels COLD out there. 
I think it's in the low 40s which isn't really cold cold but it sure feels it with the wind.
My question is:  Why don't my chickens stay in the coop, out of the wind on days like this! 
They seem warm as toast running around.  Of course they do have a down undercoat . . .
I gave them some crumpled up wheat bread and meal worms earlier and just threw them some corn on the cob.  They love their treats!

They seem to have slowed down on their molting but I'm only getting about 2 eggs every other day.
One smaller med. egg and one Large one.  Seems the same two chickens are giving me those two eggs.  I haven't had any green eggs from the easter-eggers in almost two weeks.  I guess they're done for the winter!

I thought it was so cold today that I put the heat lamp on for the barn cats.  (OK, I'm a sucker!)  I know it's a little early.  I really should wait till it's at least below freezing!
But Pepsi took advantage of it right away and was fast asleep in about 2 minutes!

Mamma cat (Angel) must be out hunting!  She's tough.

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