Thursday, November 14, 2013

My New Foster Dog

Well folks, I'm going to try this foster thing again.
See, if you remember, Monk was a foster too but I crumbled in about 2 or 3 weeks and adopted him.
I'd like to be a successful foster Mom and find homes for lots of dogs!
I saw a posting on FB by the Pointer Rescue Org. about this young pointer that had been a stray and was living on a farm in a kennel on cold cement.  Well, it was really getting cold and snow was coming.  Pointers, with their thin, single layer of hair don't do well in the cold.
It tugged at me.
So I answered because it was fairly close to me.
I picked him up 2 days ago.
His name is Dexter.

He's happy, happy, happy in my nice warm house!

I really don't think he's ever been inside a house before.  He's not trained at all, knows no commands, not even sit and was shocked by the TV!!!!!!!!!

Because of his lack of house breaking and he is marking everything!, he is in the crate when I'm not right with him,
Monk and him are hitting it off just fine.
But then Monk loves everybody.

Dexter gets vetted and neutered tomorrow.
I'm hoping that helps a lot.
He's has a sweet disposition and is very friendly.
I think he was definitely a hunting dog.

I'll keep you all posted on his schooling.



  1. Oh, had me at "Dexter"....I cannot wait to hear about his progress under your care!...:)JP

  2. Oh Shirley, he is so adorable!!! My son has a lemon pointer also...she is a stinker, but I love her to bits! The kindness you have shown Dexter is such a gift to him!!!! Thank you for taking him in... Sandy

  3. I have a rescued Pointer and she is the sweetest dog I have every had. Someone dumped her and her 7 puppies in the desert to fend for themselves. She was rescued by private Animal Rescue. I was looking for a friend for my Border Collie as my little Whoopie died - she was 17 years old and he was so lost without her. So Tony brought her to my house and she was very shy. I told we would give it a try and my 2 weeks she fit right in.. I am sure they were very mean to her. Now she is a very loving dog and never does anything bad. Doesn't bark either. She gives so much love and Waldo loves her.
    I hope that it will work out for Dexter. He will be better after he is fixed. Good luck

  4. Shirley - he is so cute, I'm sure he will be adopted soon! Thanks for being a furry foster parents =) It's so great when "foster failures" keep fostering ... saving not one but many lives!! Can we share your post on our blog? - Margaret


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