Thursday, November 7, 2013

Don't Chickens Get Cold!

The past week it's been warm for November in Ohio.  
It was in the low 60s a couple days.
However a front came through last night and it rained and now it really feels COLD out there. 
I think it's in the low 40s which isn't really cold cold but it sure feels it with the wind.
My question is:  Why don't my chickens stay in the coop, out of the wind on days like this! 
They seem warm as toast running around.  Of course they do have a down undercoat . . .
I gave them some crumpled up wheat bread and meal worms earlier and just threw them some corn on the cob.  They love their treats!

They seem to have slowed down on their molting but I'm only getting about 2 eggs every other day.
One smaller med. egg and one Large one.  Seems the same two chickens are giving me those two eggs.  I haven't had any green eggs from the easter-eggers in almost two weeks.  I guess they're done for the winter!

I thought it was so cold today that I put the heat lamp on for the barn cats.  (OK, I'm a sucker!)  I know it's a little early.  I really should wait till it's at least below freezing!
But Pepsi took advantage of it right away and was fast asleep in about 2 minutes!

Mamma cat (Angel) must be out hunting!  She's tough.


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