Thursday, October 31, 2013

Planting grass seed late!

My daughter has been trying to get me over to her house with my little Mantis tiller to till an area where a large tree was removed so she can get some grass seed planted.
I hope it's not too late in the fall, I don't think so.  If it doesn't take well, we'll just redo in the Spring.
Here's a few photos.  My sister took them for me.

Sometimes getting it started is a slight problem!

It does a great job though.  I used to have a big Troybilt tiller but couldn't handle that anymore.
This one is just right.

I can just throw it in my backseat and take it anywhere!!

We threw seed down and a little peat moss and said a little prayer!

All done.

Michele invited us in for coffee.  Don't look so excited about it Michele!

Her new Keurig coffee maker.

Here's her lab, Trouble.
We got him for her about 10 years ago as a little puppy.
Here's a link to the Christmas video when she got the puppy.
Love it!


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  1. wow that tool works pretty it when they make great tools smaller and easier to handle, just got the new shark vacuum, smaller stronger and easier to handle and the canister comes off to take around if you want to...I just think as you get older it is so much easier....loved your post with you and your daughter, looks like the grass will be perfect there now...


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