Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ava's Riding Lesson2

It's exciting to see a little one that loves horses that is just having her first experiences in learning the right way to ride.  We are in the right barn for this with very educated teachers!!  
(I wish I would've had this chance when I was learning to ride!)
I can already picture her with her little sparkly show outfit on!! 
(Wait I'm getting a little ahead of myself!!!!)

Here's a series of tiny videos of today.  They aren't very good because my iPhone video doesn't zoom.  (I'm hoping the new one does!)
I didn't want to run in the arena to take pictures like an irritating parent or Nanna!! : ))






What a nice day.
Now Preacher has a job.
He looks happy!
Of course the hour went much too fast for Ava.  She wanted to keep riding but I couldn't stay today.  Next week, I'll stay after the lesson so she can play with Preacher longer.


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  1. What a wonderful gift for Ava!! now I know what to get her for Christmas.... more riding lessons! : D


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