Saturday, October 5, 2013


Everything has been so prolific this summer.  The garden, even though it's small, produced like crazy and all my flower beds grew like a jungle!
Now this also applies to the acorns from my two huge red oak trees in the backyard and the 60 foot buckeye tree.  The oaks are shading my deck so the acorns sound like large hail stones hitting the deck.
It's bad enough being pelted with the acorns but how would you like to get hit on the head with one of these!!!

They're big and heavy and look at those spikes!!!!!!!!

They fall a long way so they are coming down at a pretty good clip!

They're all over, along with the acorns.  It's getting hard to walk!  I have to sweep the deck off everyday just so I don't kill myself!

Buckeye or horse chestnut tree.

Oh, and while I have you all here . . .
Does anyone know what these little puffballs are that are coming down with the acorns.  They are soft like pom-poms.

I cut a couple open to see the inside and they look like this???
I don't ever remember seeing them any other year.
Strange!!  They're all over the place too!!


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