Thursday, July 31, 2014

In The Chicken Yard

Yesterday Pepsi and I spent some time with the chickens in their big chicken yard.
They go out in their yard almost everyday that it's not storming.
Their's a little coop in the middle in case they need cover or to get to a nesting box to lay.
Half of the yard is petty much under two very large oak trees so I don't worry too much about the hawks. 
I'm still very aware though and try to be outside when they're out.
I wish Monk would lay in the yard with them.  He's fine with the chickens but doesn't want to stay in there if I leave and that sort of defeats the purpose!!

Pepsi loves being with the chickens though.  I think she'd live in the coop with them if she could!

Here's Pepsi on the inside of the fence with me and the chickens and Mama cat on the outside.  I wonder what they're talking about through the fence!


This is Molly.  I have two of these Buff Orpingtons.  The way to tell them apart is that Molly has a hump of feathers on her back end.  (More "junk in her trunk"!!)

This is Martha,  she has a smoother top line.

Have a nice day everyone.


Monday, July 28, 2014

After the Rains

We had loads of rain last evening and during the night.
Still raining this morning but it seems to have stopped now.
The grass needed the rain and of course the gardens love it.

Laced cap hydrangea

The trouble with the great big ball hydrangea is the heads get so heavy with the rain that it all collapses.

The girls are not happy, they want out into the extended muddy run!!

Pepsi was sleeping in this basket this morning.

Well, someone really likes the rain!

Kermit has his own little swimming pool of rain water.
(that's just a piece of bark beside him in case you're wondering.)

OK, this was just a post on very ordinary things.  Well, some mornings I can't get my brain any more in gear than this!!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning in the Garden

It is going to storm again I think so I went out and took some photos in the garden this morning.
Wandering around the front garden, I noticed that I have several tiny little toads that keep hopping out of my way.  They were too fast to get a picture of though.
I was very happy to see the first Monarch butterfly I've seen this year.  Also the bumble bees are really busy on my coneflowers too.
I'm hoping the monarch will notice the big milk weed plant I've saved just for her.
(*Correction, this is an Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly)

In the back yard I lifted up a big plastic lid that had rain water in it and look who I found!!
My own little Kermit!!

And when I checked my vegetable garden, I found my first spaghetti squash is growing!

My Fancy Lunch!

I made a stacked caprese salad.
Very light, no carbs and delicious.
Fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil.
The dressing is a Balsamic vinaigrette.
So pretty!

Only one problem . . . I was still hungry!
So I had 2 pieces of cinnamon toast!!


Social Saturday

Yesterday was "Social Saturday" at the barn.
It was the first of a monthly happening when our barn people and friends that want to trailer in their horses can come to ride together or just hang out.
It was a big success.
Several people did some things that were a challenge in a safe environment.
As for me, I finally got back on Echo for the first time since my belly surgeries and my back injury this past winter.
Even though I just walked around it was so good for my mental health!!!
I have to thank Sarah who exercised the heck out of him the day before when I was supposed to handle him.  However it wasn't safe for me then as he was being wild!
Thanks also to Cindy who saddled him up yesterday and rode him first.
He was a different horse from the day before!
All from me not being able to work with him consistently.

Here are some photos from yesterday and a little video clip.

So, if you're interested in some fun with your horse or just want to see and hang out at our wonderful
barn, just go to   and like it and you'll get the notifications of all the happenings, clinics and classes at the barn.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Gadget that Works!

Sometimes you buy gadgets that you try once and they either don't work or they just aren't worth the effort.  They go into the closet or drawer never to be seen again.
Well, I am so pleased with this spiral slicer that I got just in time for
zucchini season!
It works so easily; like using an old fashioned pencil sharpener.
I've only tried it on zucchini but I bet it works wonderfully on carrots or potatoes or anything else that will fit in there.  The blades are supper shape.
plus it only costs $14.99 and has a lifetime guarantee!

I got mine on Amazon and there's no shipping is you have Prime of course.
Next I'm going to try it with potatoes.
I can only imagine how wonderful they will be!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Treating the Chickens

The girls are always very excited to hear me coming or see me round the corner.
That's because I always have something for them.  Sometimes its just some dandelion greens and clover that I pulled from my garden and sometimes it's treats from the house.
Today it was a half can of corn, some salad greens and a quarter cantaloupe.
Sometimes it's yogurt and some fruit and vegetable peelings.

Pepsi the barn cat always loves to go into the run with me.
She runs up the ramp and checks out the coop.

Martha keeps an eye on her.

When she's had a good look around she lets me know she wants out.

OK, she's gone now.
They really all get along really well.
I think it's because mamma cat takes off during the day and Pepsi is left to have the chickens as her friends.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Zucchini

My first zucchini!
There's more coming of course.

Squash blossoms are so beautiful!

I got this spiral cutter to make zucchini noodles and boy does it work great.
I got it on line.  Quite inexpensive.

And I made Panko crusted, feta cheese stuffed chicken.
And yes, a low carb. meal.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happenings in the Garden

First though, here's a picture of Dexter at his playtime.
He gets to go over to Jolene's doggie daycare and socialize with the other dogs.
He loves it.
Jolene comes and takes him for long walks at home too.
He ran around so much today she couldn't get a good picture of him that wasn't a blur!
He napped when he got home!

OK, as promised I wanted to show you how the spaghetti squash plant just keeps growing and growing!!
I hope I get more than one squash from this plant!

I have tomatoes : ))
I have a couple baby zucchini too but they were too deep to get a photo of.

Oh No!!  Somebody has been nibbling all my green beans!!

Also chomping at my swiss chard.
I haven't seen any rabbits.  Maybe the deer.

Meanwhile out front.
Here's my kitchen porch.

I've been working at weeding my little herb garden.
At least I can find the herbs now!

This is the forest of thistles I'm working my way through!

Outside the fence, the daisies are in bloom/
(along with a few thistles there too!!)
If it stays cool, I'll do more weeding tomorrow.

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