Sunday, July 27, 2014

Social Saturday

Yesterday was "Social Saturday" at the barn.
It was the first of a monthly happening when our barn people and friends that want to trailer in their horses can come to ride together or just hang out.
It was a big success.
Several people did some things that were a challenge in a safe environment.
As for me, I finally got back on Echo for the first time since my belly surgeries and my back injury this past winter.
Even though I just walked around it was so good for my mental health!!!
I have to thank Sarah who exercised the heck out of him the day before when I was supposed to handle him.  However it wasn't safe for me then as he was being wild!
Thanks also to Cindy who saddled him up yesterday and rode him first.
He was a different horse from the day before!
All from me not being able to work with him consistently.

Here are some photos from yesterday and a little video clip.

So, if you're interested in some fun with your horse or just want to see and hang out at our wonderful
barn, just go to   and like it and you'll get the notifications of all the happenings, clinics and classes at the barn.



  1. It was a Great Social Saturday day and enjoyed by all!! Great Pics! Nice Video by Pam of you riding Echo!!
    So nice to see you on Echo again Shirley! I sure enjoyed riding Echo as he is a such a sweet fella!!

  2. Oh this was a wonderful day for you, Shirley...mentally exhilarating, I 'm sure!...:)JP


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