Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Gadget that Works!

Sometimes you buy gadgets that you try once and they either don't work or they just aren't worth the effort.  They go into the closet or drawer never to be seen again.
Well, I am so pleased with this spiral slicer that I got just in time for
zucchini season!
It works so easily; like using an old fashioned pencil sharpener.
I've only tried it on zucchini but I bet it works wonderfully on carrots or potatoes or anything else that will fit in there.  The blades are supper shape.
plus it only costs $14.99 and has a lifetime guarantee!

I got mine on Amazon and there's no shipping is you have Prime of course.
Next I'm going to try it with potatoes.
I can only imagine how wonderful they will be!!



  1. Now that does look interesting.

  2. Hmmmm...and we just shredded a spaghetti squash with forks...LOL!...:)JP


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