Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Nastiest Weed!


I seem to be able to grow them really well!
Half of my front garden is filled with them
They are out of hand!!

I pulled 50 of them today.  (Well, 75 because I didn't count the small ones)
It hardly put a dent in them.
I decided to pull 50 every time I go out there.

Look at their pretty little flowers!
Those will soon turn into fluff balls and scatter even more seeds for MORE THISTLES!

This is the forest of thistles.  You can't even see my beautiful cone flowers that are in there someplace!

That's my herb garden on the left.
It got like this in a week!!

There's a brick path going to that white gate!!!!
Completely overgrown.

Here's what I was picking.

OMG, they are even coming through the porch!

If anyone has a solution on how to rid myself of this awful weed, PLEASE tell me!!!!
I can't use poisons in my garden.



  1. I would go to a garden center or look it up on Google to see if there is an organic weed killer that will not hurt your chickens or pets.
    Good luck - they are a pretty flower, but bad in the garden.

  2. Shirley, I have no answer for your thistle...all I can say is weeds of all kinds can and do grow anywhere! It is a constant battle...:)JP

  3. Is it rabbits or chickens like to eat these maybe you could borrow some, I never seen so many.


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