Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dexter's New Adventure

My dog walker also has a doggy daycare at her home.
She lives back in the woods and the dogs have a big fenced in area to run and play.
I wanted to know how Dexter would be with other dogs.
Of course he was wonderful, friendly and playful.
I only left him there a couple hours today because I had to get home, but next week I'll take him there and leave him for the day.  He'll love that.  He didn't want to leave today!!

Good boy Dexter!



  1. He's gonna have a great time next week, looks like he has made some friends

  2. Cute doggy. You should link up with Lorraine for her pets meme today. I predict it'll be a hit.

  3. He is a pointer and they do love to play so he will have fun!...:)JP

  4. It's like a puppy fun centre.


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