Thursday, July 31, 2014

In The Chicken Yard

Yesterday Pepsi and I spent some time with the chickens in their big chicken yard.
They go out in their yard almost everyday that it's not storming.
Their's a little coop in the middle in case they need cover or to get to a nesting box to lay.
Half of the yard is petty much under two very large oak trees so I don't worry too much about the hawks. 
I'm still very aware though and try to be outside when they're out.
I wish Monk would lay in the yard with them.  He's fine with the chickens but doesn't want to stay in there if I leave and that sort of defeats the purpose!!

Pepsi loves being with the chickens though.  I think she'd live in the coop with them if she could!

Here's Pepsi on the inside of the fence with me and the chickens and Mama cat on the outside.  I wonder what they're talking about through the fence!


This is Molly.  I have two of these Buff Orpingtons.  The way to tell them apart is that Molly has a hump of feathers on her back end.  (More "junk in her trunk"!!)

This is Martha,  she has a smoother top line.

Have a nice day everyone.


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  1. Junk in the trunk...LOL...on a chicken, no less!!!...:)JP


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