Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happenings in the Garden

First though, here's a picture of Dexter at his playtime.
He gets to go over to Jolene's doggie daycare and socialize with the other dogs.
He loves it.
Jolene comes and takes him for long walks at home too.
He ran around so much today she couldn't get a good picture of him that wasn't a blur!
He napped when he got home!

OK, as promised I wanted to show you how the spaghetti squash plant just keeps growing and growing!!
I hope I get more than one squash from this plant!

I have tomatoes : ))
I have a couple baby zucchini too but they were too deep to get a photo of.

Oh No!!  Somebody has been nibbling all my green beans!!

Also chomping at my swiss chard.
I haven't seen any rabbits.  Maybe the deer.

Meanwhile out front.
Here's my kitchen porch.

I've been working at weeding my little herb garden.
At least I can find the herbs now!

This is the forest of thistles I'm working my way through!

Outside the fence, the daisies are in bloom/
(along with a few thistles there too!!)
If it stays cool, I'll do more weeding tomorrow.


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  1. Your garden is doing beautifully, Shirley and Dexter is too!!!!...:)JP


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