Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preacher and the Burrs!

"Houston, There's a Problem"

This is Preacher. This is the second day that he has stuck his head in the burrs and came out a loser! A couple days ago, his fly mask was just hanging down the middle of his face loaded with burrs. Today he came trotting over to the fence to show us this! He looked like he was wearing a feedbag! But it was his fly mask again loaded with burrs and pulled down around his muzzle. Pam snapped this great photo before I took it off. I don't think he'll be wearing his mask out the rest of this fall!
Tomorrow I may spend my time working the burrs out of everyone's manes and tails.
Thank goodness for Cowboy Magic.


New Man in the Herd

Changing Herd Dynamics . . . Just a Little

A couple days ago we introduced the owner's paint horse Cody into our little herd. All went very smoothly. We let Preacher and Cody out first, then Echo. There were a couple squeals and running around in a circle once and it was over. We brought out the rest of the herd and all was well in the universe.

Cody and Satire seem to be hanging together.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Little Ones

Little Bite Meets Our Herd

Here is a cute little video of out horses meeting the pony and the mini at the new barn.
*Please turn off my music because the video has it's own music about 30 seconds into it.


Friday, August 27, 2010

More Pastoral Photos!

New Soft Focus Lens?

No, it's arena dust on my iPhone lens!!
But it still looks peaceful doesn't it?!!

This was right before Satire got a bunch of burrs in his tail!

Beautiful country scenes!
Sunday we are introducing two herds. Well, the paint horse, Cody, the head honcho from Carol's herd of a pony and a mini. It may be interesting but hopefully will go well. The pony and mini will be in a pasture of their own; not with the big horses.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foodie Friday Clue

Just a little bite for Foodie Friday this week. Check in with Michael Lees great party at:

Dinner in the Dining Room With My Sister

This was nothing fancy but it was really good. Turkey burgers seasoned with rosemary, onion and seasoning salt. A nice big fresh acorn squash and some corn. Easy but tasty!

The few little potatoes were leftovers from the night before!

Here is the first little round watermelon I got from my garden. It is super sweet. Like sugar!!!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Time in the Big Pasture.

Happy Pasture Pals!

This is the day we've been waiting for. The day we let the herd out in the big pastures. I could kick myself that I didn't have my video camera. Echo was so excited on the walk down the runway to get there he was snorting! When we let them go, Echo ran all around like he didn't know what to look at first. He bucked and jumped, sometimes with all four feet off the ground. Everyone else trotted around for a short time looking then just started grazing.
Happy horses.

Running back to us.


Preacher, (head of this herd.)

That's Satire in the foreground.

There were some German Shepherd dogs barking at the horses on the other side of the fence. The horses ran a short distance then stopped and went right back to see what that was! It didn't seem to be any big thing for them. As long as they're in the herd, they feel safe.
See Preacher in the back, moving the herd.

Then everyone goes back to grazing. It was a great day.


Reunion Lunch

I went to my hometown, Erie, PA, Friday and Saturday to have lunch with some of my closest friends in Jr. High and High School. There were about 7 of us who formed a little young girl's club that we named "The Krazy Kittens Klub". We met at each other's house every week, even though we saw each other everyday. What did we do?? Well, I think we just played music, talked about our favorite movie stars, danced and had snacks. Back then is when Elvis first appeared and Tab Hunter and Rock Hudson were big. In the summer we had slumber parties and later in high school we'd have theme parties. I remember a Hawaiian Luau in particular. We'd have parties so we could invite boys! But it was a much more innocent time back then believe me!
Anyway, I'm glad I went home to meet my girlfriends for lunch. We had a good time. And of course, we all look just the same!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Couple Days Off

I'll be going out of town for a couple days. I'll be back on the computer on Sunday. It's my High School's 50th Reunion!!!!!!! That just can't be! I'm not going to all the hoopla but I'm going to have lunch with some of my old closest friends. Then my sister is going to come back with me for a little vacation. We always have fun : )) She's not really a horse person but does tolerate my frequent visits to the barn. This new barn is right on the way to her favorite scrap booking store!! She should be excited!
While I'm away you can go look at all my videos on YouTube : ))
Be nice

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily Trips to the Barn

Time in the Pasture

I've been going to the barn everyday since the move. I love it! I don't know if the horses need our reassurance after a move or it's just a good excuse to be there and not have to do stuff at home, (that's not nearly as fun). The thing is I get engrossed in doing things like putting my Blocker tie rings all over or the salt holders up or getting new buckets or deciding where to put their water trough and forget to take pictures. Today I took a couple old hoses I had here and hooked them up to water the dusty arena until the sprinkling system gets fixed. Tomorrow I've got to stay home and get ready to go to Erie for a luncheon with my HS girlfriends. It's reunion weekend. I'm not going to that function but the bunch of us that were close are just meeting for lunch. I hope they don't mind if I wear my "barn clothes"! That's about all I have anymore. I'll wear my "good" barn clothes : ))
The horses seem pretty settled in. We are going to introduce them to the new BIG pasture by next week. They've been in the smaller pasture behind the arena this week.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving the Horses

This is right after unloading 3 of the horses. They were walked out in the pasture to calm down. Beautiful setting hey?

Here are some others playing in the arena. I'll get more photos tomorrow.
I just thank God that this day went sooooo well. The move was smooth and uneventful. We have great friends.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Newborn Filly

Just 14 Hours Old

Last night about 9:30, A Tennessee Walker mare had her little foal, a little filly. Here she is this morning. She gets up about every hour or so to nurse and walk around a little on wobbly legs.

Momma Mare (Flag) is very attentive.
We are moving from this barn to our new one tomorrow but I'll be back to visit and see this little one grow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eggplant Parmesan

I'm joining all the food people for Foodie Friday this week.
Drop by this wonderful site to get delicious recipes.

Eggplant Parmesan

I picked this little eggplant from my garden. Just big enough for me. Nice and tender. It was just right.
Sliced it in about 1/4 inch slices, dipped in egg and rolled in Italian bread crumbs.

I browned the eggplant and sliced onion in olive oil till tender. Sprinkled with some herbs (whatever I had handy), seasoning salt, pepper and parmesan cheese.

Added mozzarella cheese and a spoonful of spaghetti sauce on top.

Just enough for me!

And boy they hit the spot!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Tired

A Short Note

It's sad but I'm too tired to post much after watching the kids all day. I know it's because I'm stressed about moving the horses on Saturday and out of patience! I think everything will go well but I've been dealing with Echo's abscess which took forever to go away, taking a mountain of stuff to the new barn and this horrible heat and humidity! Of course it turns out that Saturday (moving day) is going to be 90 degrees! No air conditioning in the trailer! The farrier comes tomorrow and I get my hair cut on Friday. I don't think I should make a decision on a new style this time or I might just have her shave my head!!!!

I think this is really cute and I have had my hair this short before. The trouble is at my age, I wouldn't exactly look like this : ((


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Medina Fair 2010

I'm joining The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays

I Love The Fair!

Sunday is the last day of the fair. I've gone twice this week. Once to see all the animals and once mostly to watch the horses. The 4H horse competitions in particular. I know some of the participants so it makes it special.
(This post has lots of photos!)

I always visit the draft horse barns first. They are so amazing to me. They are so huge and move with such grace. This is the big boy . . . the Belgian

A gray Percheron

Here's a little draft pony!

A beautiful black percheron.

Some misc. photos of the different 4H shows.

A friend's daughter and her beautiful black horse named Onyx. (darn fence!)

Here's my arty shot. Appaloosa between the trees.

Horses need lots of water.

I love these Haflinger ponys.

A beautiful big Tennessee Walker

Rocky Mountain gaited horse. Wonderful head set.

Now, on to the other animal barns.
This little boy was so cute but I should've had my video camera because his goat wouldn't stand still and was dragging him all over.

Another little guy with his goat.

This goat wanted to go home with me.

Beautiful Jersey face.

Two little sheared sheep. Baaaaaaaaaa

I was more interested in the chickens this year as I would like to have some!! Somebody build me a coop!!!!!!!!!

I'll end with the sleeping pigs. When they sleep they are always hugging! And they have smiles on their faces. Later I found out there were baby piglets that I somehow missed! DARN!
Well, next year!
Do you feel like you've been to the fair?
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