Saturday, August 7, 2010

Medina Fair 2010

I'm joining The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays

I Love The Fair!

Sunday is the last day of the fair. I've gone twice this week. Once to see all the animals and once mostly to watch the horses. The 4H horse competitions in particular. I know some of the participants so it makes it special.
(This post has lots of photos!)

I always visit the draft horse barns first. They are so amazing to me. They are so huge and move with such grace. This is the big boy . . . the Belgian

A gray Percheron

Here's a little draft pony!

A beautiful black percheron.

Some misc. photos of the different 4H shows.

A friend's daughter and her beautiful black horse named Onyx. (darn fence!)

Here's my arty shot. Appaloosa between the trees.

Horses need lots of water.

I love these Haflinger ponys.

A beautiful big Tennessee Walker

Rocky Mountain gaited horse. Wonderful head set.

Now, on to the other animal barns.
This little boy was so cute but I should've had my video camera because his goat wouldn't stand still and was dragging him all over.

Another little guy with his goat.

This goat wanted to go home with me.

Beautiful Jersey face.

Two little sheared sheep. Baaaaaaaaaa

I was more interested in the chickens this year as I would like to have some!! Somebody build me a coop!!!!!!!!!

I'll end with the sleeping pigs. When they sleep they are always hugging! And they have smiles on their faces. Later I found out there were baby piglets that I somehow missed! DARN!
Well, next year!
Do you feel like you've been to the fair?


  1. I have been there alllll week for work, but I do love being there :) I always go to the draft barn first too; did you see the little Donkey named Gomez in there this year? I couldn't get enough of him -- too cute!

    Great Appy Pic!

  2. Fabulous pictures, Shirley. The horses are beautiful! Thank you for taking me to the fair. I haven't been to the fair in years. La

  3. Love those photos - and the horses (even the 'artsy shots'!) were lovely! It had me remembering a time when entering livestock at the fair was a thing of pride esp. when they received their ribbons... Great post today.

  4. Cute photos, it looks like you had a good time! Of course the hugging pigs is my favorite:@)

  5. Oh yes!!!! I miss county fairs sooo much!!!!! I am learning to drive with a Haflinger pony.....too much fun!!!!!! Thank you for taking me with you! :):) Sandy

  6. I missed my county fair this year, so thanks for taking me to yours. Big beautiful drafts, all the horses and riders looked gorgeous and smart. Cute goats and their boys. Oh...chickens and piggies. What fun!

  7. Beautiful shots of the County Fair. Love the Jersey cow, goats and pigs! Joni

  8. Oh thank you so much for the trip to the fair. We went to a rodeo when when we were in Texas and visited all of th 4H barns. It's amazing to see such young people caring for their animals.

    Thanks so much for being a part of "Summer Sundays".

    - The Tablescaper

  9. going to the county fair has always been a highlight for me! I love looking at all pretty handcrafts and the flowers, gardening exhibits!

    bee blessed

  10. I do feel like I've been to the fair! And I haven't been for ages. Nice shots. Great to visit, Jacqueline

  11. Perfect summer activity! On the way to my mom's there are several Percherons at a neighbor's. I always look for "my" horses and love to see the colt. Thanks for sharing! ♥♫

  12. That's great! I love the fair too. Nice pictures!

  13. Great pictures. Our county fair was last week too and we didn't make it there so, yes I feel as though I went. Except for the smells that go along with it, good and bad. LOL


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