Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner From the Garden

. . . well, not the pizza . . .

but the beans, tomatoes and herbs are from my garden, freshly picked.
I used fresh basil and dill.

I know, I used a flash and you should never use flash on food but it was after 8pm by the time I ate supper and there wasn't enough light without me supplying more and going to get my tripod and I was too hungry!

Now, that's Peach Cobbler for desert. My favorite!!!!
Peach Cobbler recipe here:

Stay cool,


  1. That looks yummy. Have a wonderful day! La

  2. Hi Shirley, Love to stop by and visit your blog. Your lifestyle seems so down to earth, living in a large home and talking about your horses. I hope someday you will have property you want and can have your own horse stalls. Sounds mighty interesting to me.


  3. Those are some good lookin' green beans!


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