Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving the Horses

This is right after unloading 3 of the horses. They were walked out in the pasture to calm down. Beautiful setting hey?

Here are some others playing in the arena. I'll get more photos tomorrow.
I just thank God that this day went sooooo well. The move was smooth and uneventful. We have great friends.


  1. So glad that it all went smoothly for you and your beautiful horses Shirley. They look contented already!

  2. Hi Shirley, I was out having meal last night overlooking Epsom Racecourse talking about horses and I suddenly thought I hope Shirley's horse move is going well. I'm really glad it did. Jane xx

  3. Hi Shirley!

    Glad it went well, I thought about you yesterday! I was looking at these pics and thought, hey, that one horse looks like LA and then I looked at the lady holding his lead and though, HEY that looks like Pam! LOL, I didn't know they moved with you guys :) That is great! I hope everyone likes their new home.

  4. So glad the move went smoothly, Shirley. I was thinking about you yesterday while I was painting. La

  5. I knew you would do just fine!


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