Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foodie Friday Clue

Just a little bite for Foodie Friday this week. Check in with Michael Lees great party at:

Dinner in the Dining Room With My Sister

This was nothing fancy but it was really good. Turkey burgers seasoned with rosemary, onion and seasoning salt. A nice big fresh acorn squash and some corn. Easy but tasty!

The few little potatoes were leftovers from the night before!

Here is the first little round watermelon I got from my garden. It is super sweet. Like sugar!!!



  1. Your watermelon looks great! So fun to get them out of your own garden, I'm sure you both enjoyed the dinner:@)

  2. It's wonderful you grew your own watermelon! And I think simple is often best, and is much more the stuff memories are made of!

  3. Oh my Shirley!! I just love your quilt...I hope you gals didn't spill anything on it. Yikes!

    I ♥ acorn squash & its high time to turn on the oven to cook it. Chilly here, this morning, huh?
    We don't live very far from each other ya' know. We visit friends who live on Medina Line Rd. & DH used to live on White Pond in Bath.

    I envy you the room to grow your own watermelon. We didn't have any luck with our when we planted our community garden plot. (no room around the house for vines).
    Will you save the seeds for next year??? We've had great luck with our heirloom tomato seeds for 2 years in a row now.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog. :-)


  4. Watermelon...yum! Such a pretty and simple table. Have a wonderful weekend! La

  5. It all looks so nice, a lovely tablesetting! I'm your newest follow and love your blog for its cozy feeling and the horses. I will enjoy looking around now!

  6. How great that you grew your own watermelon! I would love to have enough garden space to grow more things. I love simple and acorn squash and turkey burgers sound wonderful. My mother used to grow acorn squash in her garden.

  7. your watermelon looks amazing ... nice job growing!


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