Friday, December 19, 2014

Are You Getting The Right Kind Of Sleep??

Well, there's an app for that!!!
Of Course!

And I must say I'm REALLY impressed.
A lot of times, I feel as tired when I get up as when I went to bed.
The problem being . . . maybe I'm not getting enough REM sleep.
Also, if you wake up to an alarm, you don't want it going off when you are in a deep sleep.
That's when you will feel like a zombie!
But how does one know unless you go in for a whole sleep study!

Well, here is the way.
I downloaded the app yesterday to my iPhone.
It costs only 99 cents!

It's called "Sleep Cycle"
The graph of my sleep pattern last night looked pretty good.
This is me. 

I love this techie stuff!
I can't wait to go to bed tonight to see my sleep pattern again.
It also wakes you when you are in a light sleep with wonderful soft sounds or music that you choose.

Take a look.
Here's how it works.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Christmas Rush

My daughter (the photographer) came over this past Saturday, so at least I have my Christmas cards.  Most are going out over the internet however!
I know that's the cheaper, easier way but, oh well, that's me anymore.  I'm still frantically ordering some things online hoping they will get here before Christmas.
I just emailed the cards out when my email went out.
I've been trying to fix it all day but it's beyond me so I will have to give Applecare a call.
At least face book works or I'd really be out of touch.
Spirit, my new little girl pointer, is working out really well with Dexter so I've already sent in the adoption papers.  Now she has her very own home forever.
I have to finish my table-scape in the dining room but I made the island in the kitchen look a little more like Christmas.

I will have lots more pictures of Spirit that Michele took but I have to wait till my email is working for her to send them to me in bigger files.
I have to bake Christmas cookies yet and wrap presents!!
Oh My!

Hope you all are getting things done in the Christmas rush.
I really envy the woman who can have all her gifts bought and wrapped by August!!!
That's never been me, that's for sure!

Here's my daughter's photography website.
It sure is worth taking a look.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spirit's Arrival

My new doggie is here.
(AKA foster dog)
My pet sitter Jolene was so good to offer to drive me down near Columbus to make the connection of the last leg of Spirit's trip from Florida.
The Pointer Rescue Org. transport team did the rest.
The trip even included a couple of the legs done by Pilot's-N-Paws.
So Spirit even had an airplane ride part of the way!
She is certainly the sweet girl that everyone talked about.
I had already thought I would adopt her if she got along with Dexter.
Well, Dexter seems happy to have a sister and everything is going fine.
Originally she was found as a stray in Oklahoma this past Spring and taken to a shelter where she was found to have a mammary tumor plus the fact that she was so skinny.
The shelter removed the tumor and spayed her and the
Pointer Rescue Organization(PRO) took her in.
She was then transported to Florida where she's been with a foster since August.
Here's the picture after she arrived here Sunday night.
She was so tired and was glad to go to bed.

Yesterday she tried on her new winter coat.
After all, it's a lot colder here than FL!
Purple looks good on you little girl!

She has such sad, soulful eyes.
I hope she will soon realize that she is now home for good.

The first part of the day I let Dexter and her meet over the gates but I saw that they were fine and let them together.
Dexter wanted to play!
I think he thinks she is his Christmas present.
I've let PRO know that I will adopt.

They played all day between naps.
Then slept on the couch together like all pointers do!
I sat by the fire in a chair and watched "Major Crimes".

This morning I took her up to my vet and had her all checked over.  She's in good healthy shape and is 6 or 7 years old.
She could lose a couple pounds but we'll work on that!  I got Dexter about this same time last year!
Merry Christmas to me!!!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waiting for Spirit

Spirit is the name of the new female rescue pointer I'm getting.  I am going to foster and will adopt if Dexter gets along with her.
I've hardly ever had just one dog in the house and now no house cat either!!  
Seems way too quiet!
Spirit is 6 years old and has had some medical problems in the past but is in good health now.
She was originally found as a stray in poor shape in Oklahoma and was taken into 
the Pointer Rescue Org.
She was then sent to her foster in FL where she is now.
Sunday, if all goes well, she will be transported to me in Ohio by the organization's transport team!!
She is a well traveled girl!!
She has the same coloring as Dexter.

Praying for a safe trip.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Blizzard of 1950

I remember the Thanksgiving blizzard of 1950.
OK, I'm old!
I was eight years old.
We used to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Wickersham family farm
in East Springfield, PA.
We lived in Erie.
It was mom and dad and my sister Sue and my Grandma Wickersham in the car
as we headed to the farm on Route 20. That's when the storm got really bad.
Everything stopped.  Cars couldn't move any further.
There were no snow plows on the roads back then!!
I don't know how long we were stuck.
I do remember the Red Cross bringing coffee and cocoa to the cars along the road!
We were close to Girard, Pa and there was a little bar there if we had to go to the bathroom.
My grandmother was of Quaker descent and a staunch Baptist and would not go into a bar so there we sat.
I think we finally made it to the farm but I don't remember much else about the day!
I wish we took photos back then like we do now.
But we didn't carry around our little box cameras. 

No, I'm not that old . . . we were in the family car.  Probably the Packard.

Here's a little bit about it on YouTube

Added addition:
I just talked to my sister and she said, we never got to the farm.
We turned around when we could and went back home.
Of course the turkey dinner was at the farm so we had hot dogs that year!
My sister's memory is still better than mine at this point!!!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Preacher and Me

Some photos of Preacher and me in our riding hay-day.  
(Before my back went south!)
He's a good boy even though he's sort of a grumpy old gelding now.
He definitely has attitude!

He was really fit here.
Me too!!

Trail riding on Hinckley 606 trails

Chagrin trail ride.

Around the lake at Horse Haven

To my barn buddies now:  See, here's proof I actually rode outside!!!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I eat a lot of oatmeal!
I eat it a lot of times for breakfast 
but also either oatmeal or Cream of Wheat (flavored) for a bedtime snack.  
Makes my tummy all warm and full!
I have always bought the boxes of Quaker Oats with the little individual envelopes that you can add water to and cook up in the microwave.
My favorites being Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal and Cinnabon Cream of Wheat.
Heaven knows how much I've spent just for the convenience!
I recently saw an idea on Pinterest about just bagging up your own!
Simple and much healthier.
Why didn't I think of this!!
Just look at all the added stuff in those envelopes!!!
Doing it this way, it is just 100%whole grain rolled oats,
plus whatever you add like brown sugar etc.
Much healthier and a whole lot cheaper!

I made up my bags with 1/2 cup of quick oats and a healthy tbsp. of brown sugar.
(and maybe a little swirl of sugar free maple syrup after it's cooked!)
To make it I just pour it in a bowl and add about 3/4 cup of water and microwave it for 1min 40 sec.
Came out perfect!
I use Walmart's quick rolled oats so that alone is cheaper than Quaker and it has a softer consistency which I like it.
An added plus is that you get more to eat for a little less carbs somehow.
1/2 cup of oats this way is 27 carbs plus of course about 12 carbs for the brown sugar.
The envelopes had 34 carbs for much less an amount!
This way is a very healthy helping of oatmeal in the morning!
(You can cut it in half for kids using 1/4 cup of oats.
You'd have to experiment with the amount of water to get it right.)
Here's the site where I saw this.
There's some good ideas in the comments of different things to add.

Try it, you like it!!
I'm going to try making Cream of Wheat next.  I think it's farina??

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