Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lax Again!

I don't know how I let so much time go between posts.  
I guess my excuse is that my sister was visiting and I don't like to be in here on the computer.
She has gone home now and I'm hoping that we have a nice long Fall so that she can get another visit in before winter sets in!
We've had some wonderfully warm days this past week.
A cold front is coming in tonight and it will only reach 50's tomorrow but then it's supposed to go back up into the 70's for the next week.
That sounds good to me!
So much for the weather report!!
Let's see . . . . 
I had another lesson in showmanship last week.
here's some clips from that.



Then today I was out at the barn all afternoon with my girl friend and her horse Taffy and my two and we were just playing with them in the arena on the ground.
A nice relaxed, fun afternoon.
Here is the only photo I took today.  It's preacher, my grumpy old gelding QH.
He's very lovable though.
He followed me everywhere today as long as the cookies were in my pocket!

We had a wonderful clinic at the barn yesterday about body language of horse and handler.
So we were working with that today.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Carriage Driving Lessons

I had my lesson at the barn again on carriage driving.
My sister was here to take more pictures.
The trouble was though, my phone ran out of storage so she only got to take me driving at a walk instead of at the trot also.
I had to delete some videos and pictures off my phone to free up some storage.
Oh well!
Next time, next week.

Here's a little of what there is.


My helmet?  Yes, I wear one!  I want to keep the few brains I have left!
I have no idea why my pants look this bright blue.  They are really dark blue denim!!


My Sister's Here : ))

My sister Sue is here visiting me for 2 weeks.  She came last Saturday.
We do a little of this and that when she's here.
And we eat out a lot!
So, that's one reason why I'm not blogging real often this week.  
We are gone a lot of the time.
Here's our selfie.

And here's Dexter trying to photo-bomb us.
We stayed home today while I did some washing and other things I had to get done.
I made chicken in the crockpot and had it over biscuits.
Sue is also helping me with a puzzle I had started.  It's a really hard one!!

Tomorrow we're going to the library, and to the town square and walk around, if it's nice, to see what new shops there are.
Exciting stuff hey!!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Carriage Driving Lessons

I have started to take carriage driving lessons.
Since I cannot ride my horses at more than maybe a walk right now because of my back,
my instructor thought this would be a good alternative.
I didn't know if I'd like it because I don't have my own driving horse.  
My two are not candidates for that!
It's probably true that you can drive longer into your senior years than ride, so I thought I would give it a try.
Right now, I feel it is more dangerous in a carriage than on the back of a horse but I'm hoping that's because I don't know what I'm doing yet!!
I've taken a couple lesson awhile ago in a two wheel cart.  That was quite bumpy.
Now I'm taking them in a four wheel carriage and it is much smoother.
I couldn't be learning with a better horse!
Justina is last year's Champion from the Arab Nationals!!

My instructor owns and drives Justina along with her assistant trainer, Stephanie.
I must say it is great fun and a lot different from riding!
I'm sure everyone thinks it is so easy because they see little Amish kids driving.
Awwwwww, , , , , , NO!
There is a lot to it, just like there's a lot more to riding than non-horse people think!
Here's Justina as she is starting to get harnessed up.
Even that is confusing for me right now.
Lots of new names of things.

Next week I will have someone take more photos of me in the carriage!
I love learning new things!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poor, Hormonal Martha!

Yes, she's been in and out of her cage for a week.  After 3 days I thought she was done running to her nest because she would come out into the run in the morning and go out into the yard with the flock.
However, she started running back to the nest every time I put them back into the run.  She made a bee line for the ramp!
Today I tossed her out of the nest 5 times before I put her back into the cage!
Another thing, I've noticed that she has been downright mean to all the other girls.  Just pecking them in the head if they got near her while she was eating in the yard.!  Yes, she's downright hormonal!!


Note:  I have another blog called "It's Always Something".
It's about health issues, the many difficulties and hurdles of aging and about diabetes type 2.
So take a look if you want, especially if you are a senior.
Here's the link:

Monday, September 1, 2014

A DELICIOUS Way to Use Your Garden Tomatoes

I suppose it could be because I'm starving all the time . . .
I don't think so.

This afternoon after picking MORE tomatoes, I made some bruschetta.
I found some good looking recipes on Pinterest then just winged it.

Here's mine.
 Dice up tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil and red onion.
I removed the seeds from the cucumber.

 Drizzle olive oil over top and add salt and pepper.

 Cut some crusty bread wedges and butter.  You can rub fresh garlic on top but I used this 
garlic spread that I got.  It's wonderful!

Broil the slices for just a few minutes.  Watch closely.
I would also flip over and do both sides.

Spoon your Bruschetta mixture on top.

Now enjoy by just picking them up and eating!
This is one of those foods that I just closed my eyes to really enjoy!!  You know, how you can get the full taste that way.
It was one of the best things I ever made!!!
I'm going to make it for my sister when she comes!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Who Saved My Front Garden!

I have a handyman named Kerry who comes when I call him with a list of things to be done around here.  
Things I can't do myself or that have gotten out of hand.  
Or just things I don't want to do!
He'll do things either outside or inside.
In the summer of course it's mostly outside.
I called him about the weed problem in my front gardens.  
I posted about it a couple posts ago.
I was hoping he just didn't give up on me because he already did this once in the spring!
I didn't keep up!
He worked all day and here it is.

This is amazing if you compare it to how it was just yesterday!!!!
I think I'm going to just sit out there with a bottle of weed killer!!
I can't let it look like this again!!


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