Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Back To Normal!

On Easter Day, Michele, my daughter, and I went to the barn.
Michele wanted to ride and I thought I could see how it felt to try and get back on my horse. 
After my back problems and the surgeries on my belly during this winter, I haven't been on my horse since last fall.
Very depressing!!
It was a beautiful warm day in the 70's.
We groomed both Preacher and Echo.  They had, of course, rolled in the mud so that took us awhile.
Then we saddled up Echo and I got on in the arena.
I had no trouble getting on and just walked him around.  No bouncing and no posting.  Just a nice steady walk.
It felt fine and I wasn't overly sore that night.
Michele rode and trotted him for awhile.
It was a happy day!

Now that spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer I hope to get to the barn a lot more often and work up to riding more again.
Even if it's just walking around, being on his back is good for my head!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

The Cat, The Chickens and the Excitement of Spring

This past weekend was our best weather yet!  It was mostly sunny and in the 70's!!!
That seems most wonderful after our horrible winter!
The chickens were out in the yard yesterday along with Pepsi, the friendly barn cat.  She gets along well with the girls and likes to be among them.  They seem to know she's no threat.

I had to adjust the chicken fence yesterday so the girls didn't eat or dig up my spring flowers!

It's silly, I know, but every year I run around and take photos of the spring growth popping up.  
This year I was even more anxious to see it all!

Day Lilies

Yes, even the dandelions!

Bleeding Heart

Lady's Mantle

 Jack Frost Blue Bells


Yes, I look at dandelions with much more love now that I have chickens!!
Free healthy greens and they love them!

We are supposed to have a big drop in temperature tonight and tomorrow but only for a couple days!
Maybe even some snow flakes!  Yikes!!
But I guess we can stand that, since the nice weather will return shortly!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chicken's First Day in the Big Yard

It is up in the 50's today and very sunny.  I tried to stand the fencing up as straight as I could but it's very muddy and won't hold very well.  Good enough though.
The girls were very anxious to get out there.  Lots of good bugs and worms I'll bet.

I went out and sat down in a chair and they immediately came running!
They all want to be on my lap at once.  Martha was the first then it was Dottie for quite a long time of petting.  Lily is the only one that's not keen on lap sitting.

The breeze is still cool but the sun sure feels good!

It's hard to take pictures with chickens all over you!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nice Day for Chickens

The girls got to go out in the outer run today where they could dig more in the dirt and maybe find some worms and bugs and good stuff!

The girls laid pretty good most of the winter.  I'm getting 3-4 eggs a day now already.

Momma cat and daughter, Pepsi greeting each other.
It was a very pretty day today and almost 60 degrees.
It's supposed to rain with maybe even some thunder storms the next couple days!

Family Room Floor

It took Ray, my contractor guy, 2 1/2 days to complete the family room floor from start (tearing out the old carpet) to putting all the finishing touches on.  He even washed down all my furniture of dust!  
He's the best:
Cottage Cabinets
Ray Klimko
He did my whole kitchen and dining room redo.
My next plans down the line are some more painting then a first floor laundry and bathroom redos.
But that's a ways down the line.
Here's my completed floor in the family room
It will make it so much easier with the dogs!
I'm just going to keep my Shark steamer handy and that should do the trick!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Praying to God that I'm Finally Fixed!!!

I've had a bad year so far.
However after this 3rd hospitalization and second surgery and every test in the book, I'm hoping and praying I'm fixed!!

My sister has been here with me in the hospital and now this first week at home.
That makes things so much better mentally to have her here so I don't sit and imagine all kinds of bad  things!
But after all this, no cancer was found anywhere.
Thank you Jesus.

Now just to rest and recover.
In the meantime, 
I'm having my contractor put a new floor in my family room.
I've had it with carpeting and dogs!
Especially since this room is the one you come right into from the outside.
It's going to be so much better to keep clean.
He's out there working as I type!
This was the before (filthy) carpeting.

This is today as he works.

 I'll show the finished room next blog.


Monday, March 17, 2014

What I'd Do If I won a Huge Lottery!

I'm sure we've all given it a little thought about what we'd do if we came into a lot of money.  
What would you do?
Well, for one thing, I would not move out of my house!!
I love this house but I certainly would do all the things to it that I've dreamed about.
I'd hire an architect and have a nice big wrap around porch put onto it.  One that looked like it was always with the house.
I would try to buy a little more land around my house from the golf course so I had about 5 acres.
It goes without saying that I'd have a first floor laundry.  Maybe change my office into a laundry.
Then I'd have them install a laundry shoot from the second floor.
I'd have all the poorly done drywall in the entire house redone.
I'd hire a gardener and do something great with my back yard.
I'd replace the big tree I lost by the house a couple years ago but I'd replace it with an already big tree.
With more land, I'd build a little barn.
I'd have both bathrooms redone.  One of the bathrooms would have a nice deep claw footed tub.
I'd replace the flooring in the family room with wood or tile (which I'm going to do anyway.)
I'd replace all my leather and upholstered furniture that's been ruined by the cats.
I'd have all the windows in the family room replaced with the kind with the interior shades.
Of course the electrical mysteries in this house need figured out and replaced.
Oh my, I better start buying lottery tickets!!
Why wouldn't I just buy another already finished house?  Because I'm really attached to this one!
I'd like to bring her up to the magnificent house that she could be.

What would you do if you had millions??
It's fun to imagine.


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