Friday, May 22, 2015

First Tea Time On the Porch This Spring

I spent most of today gardening and doing some more weeding.  It wasn't what I had planned on doing but once I got started, I couldn't stop!
I know my back will be feeling it later.
I'll just take some Tylenol now!
I had planned on going to the barn and working with Echo more today.
He dragged me around yesterday in my lesson and I've got to get a handle on that!!!!
Since I'm not as strong as before (which has nothing to do with it), it has made me feel weak and less able to be assertive and evidently he reads that in me in about 30 seconds!
I'll go to the barn tomorrow.
Today I gardened!
And had tea on the porch!
It was a peaceful beautiful day.

I just had some little butter cookies since I hadn't made any goodies.

This little dish is one of my favorite antique flow blue dishes.
It's from Germany.
Flow blue is getting harder to find at a good price.

Spirit and Dexter wanted my cookies so I had to put them inside before they knocked over my little table!  They weren't pleased.

I got this little rag rug for the porch for this year.

One of my favorite little bird baths.
Unfortunately it is a perfect height for the dogs to drink from too!!

I have a few of these giant blue hostas.  I think they are the prettiest!

I brought in a few columbine this morning.
They are so pretty and are early bloomers in the spring and one of the flowers that attract the hummingbirds.

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I hope your day was as peaceful as mine.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What a Difference in the Garden!

Kerry was here yesterday and worked 5 hours around my yard with me.  He is a God-send!!
My front gardens are pretty much weed free at least for a little while. 
I'm hoping I can keep up with those thistles as they start growing again! 
 (They're NEVER gone!!!)
Here is a before and after picture!!!

And . . .

The rest of the gardens improved like this too.
He also took dead climbing ivy off my back shed and trimmed a big branch off an old pear tree that was hitting the roof of the shed.

As soon as my friend with a truck can help me get some lumber, Kerry is coming back to build me another raised garden box.
(8 foot boards won't fit in my Honda Accord!)

Doing inside stuff today as the temperature outside dipped to low 50's 
which seems cold after 70's and 80's!!

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Talk to you soon.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Outside and Around the Garden

I've been trying to do some weeding but oh my, the weeds have grown much faster than the flowers!
Especially those %#&@&* THISTLES!!!!!
They are my downfall!
I don't mind any other weed but them.  And there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of them because their roots go deep then run horizontally.  So you can pull them up and they just come back.  USUALLY DOUBLE!!
 See, this is what I'm facing!
There's sweet woodruff and purple cone flowers under there someplace.
Kerry, my handyman, is coming to help me tomorrow.

I have found the best garden gloves.
I've used them for a couple years.
They fit so well and keep the prickers from getting you!
You can find them on Amazon.

After the rain, my vegetable garden seeds are popping!

The green beans and kale are first but swiss chard is close behind.

It's been quite warm, in the low 80's, so I got my chickens a treat that they love.

I went in and sat with them awhile yesterday.
Dottie hopped right up on my lap but Martha wants to be there too so the whole time Dottie is there, Martha is pecking me in the leg!!
Bad little girl.
Spoiled rotten!!

Only Dottie is laying.  The rest haven't laid since "the incident".
I hope they haven't given up laying forever!!!
What do you chicken people think??
It's been over a month.

I have  some sad news about my blue birds.
The 4 eggs probably hatched, I'm not sure but the nest is empty.
I think something got them.
Probably either those meany sparrows or a raccoon.
Sad : ((
I might take the old nest out now and see if they'll build again.  It's early enough in the season.

I have a couple hummingbirds but not as many as usual this year.

OK, I've got to run up to Walmart for a couple things.
See you later.


My DayBook

For Today:  Monday, May 18th, 2015

Outside My Window:  It's partly cloudy and I see lots of weeds in my front garden.

I Am Thinking:  I've got to go to Walmart for a couple things this morning.

I Am Thankful:  For Kerry, my handyman.  He is coming tomorrow to help me weed and to build me                            two more raised garden boxes for more veggies.
In The Kitchen:  I can hear the dishwasher running.

I Am Wearing:  Jeans and a blue short sleeved T and of course my garden clogs.

I Am Creating:  Another post for today besides this one.

I Am Going:  To Walmart in a little bit.

I Am Reading:  Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover".

I Am Hoping:  To get myself on a budget from above book!

I Am Looking Forward To:  Going to the barn and taking a riding lesson Thursday.

I Am Hearing:  The constant faint sound of lawn mowing on the golf course.

Around the House:  It's pretty quiet, dogs are napping after their run outside.  The clutter is still                                           here!!

I Am Pondering:  Whether I'm too old to start vlogging on YouTube!!!

One of my Favorite Things:  My iPhone, mostly because it means I have a camera with me every                                                      minute of the day!

Plans for the Rest of the Week:  Working in the garden with Kerry tomorrow, riding lesson on                                                                 Thursday and a massage that day too!

A Photo To Share:  My son and Linda and my two grandkids at Ava's 1st communion.
 Taken by my daughter Michele, the photographer.

Have a great day everyone!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

One Lady's Weed's are another Chicken's Snack

When I weed I throw some delicious looking ones in a bucket to bring to my girls.  I have a hanging basket that I put them in and they love it.  Especially dandelions.

It's been hot the past few days.  I should've picked up a little water melon for them at the store.

Now little Pepsi wants to come in too.

She loves hanging with the chickens.

I saw a hummingbird at my feeders a couple days ago but haven't seen one since.  
I heard one time that there are spotters that go ahead and seek out good places to feed but I didn't read about that when I was getting info for my hummingbird post.
So I bought a nice hanging fuchsia plant today.  I know they like them.

Also some annuals to plant here and there.

Got my little 4X8 raised veggie garden planted a couple days ago too.
I bought plants of 2 tomatoes, eggplant and butternut squash.  I planted seeds for green beans, carrots, swiss chard and kale.
I really need about 2 more of these boxes to plant what I want but it doesn't look like it'll happen this year.

Do you have your gardens planted yet??


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stressed Chickens Don't Lay

It's been 3 weeks since the demise of Lily.
(per Dexter!!!)
Finally Dottie the black and white, silver laced Wyandotte has started laying.
She has only laid 4 eggs in the past 8 days.
The other three have apparently not recovered from the loss of their flock member.
Here are Dottie's eggs from this week.

I called a pet expert from My Pet Chicken and also got an email from Tilly's Nest
and I guess this is normal and they probably won't start laying till they feel safe again.
I've fixed the extended run so no others can fly out.
I'm also sitting out with them when they're in the big yard.
There's hawks too and the leaves aren't out full on the oak trees yet for cover.
I knew I should've gotten some more chicks in the early spring!
I will next spring.
If Martha goes broody soon, I'm playing with the idea of getting some fertilized eggs to have her hatch!  But that's a whole other thing.
I'll need a safe place for them away from the other hens and then, 
what if I get a rooster . . .
 (or two!!!!).

Life with chickens can be complicated!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Horses and Kids, 2010

As you can probably tell, I've been looking through my old YouTube videos.
Here is one when we were at the barn in Litchfield.
My grandkids, Ava and little Jack, came for a little ride.
This was 5 or 6 years ago.
They were young, the horses were young, my kids were young and I was young(er).
My son, Carl hadn't ridden a horse except once on Preacher since horse camp when he was a kid.
He just gets on and rides like nothin'!

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