Saturday, July 31, 2010


Trailer Butts

We had trailering practice with the five horses that are moving to the new barn. Everything went well today. Echo was a little obstinate at first (about 10 minutes worth) but then he saw I wasn't being swayed so he walked on and then walked on about 6 times more.
This is Echo on the left and Preacher (an old hand at this), on the right. I'm feeling a little better!

Move date is August 14th.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Back, With News

Horse Upheaval!!

I haven't been writing because I have been at the barn everyday, morning till night soaking Echo's left front hoof. He had an abscess and the vet couldn't get to it so we were trying to draw out the infection with heat and epson salts. The last two days I gooped it up with Ichthammol, a drawing salve, and wrapped it with vet wrap and duct tape! Well, today he is walking and running on it just fine. I never saw it drain but it must have!!

The Upheaval Part

We found a private barn that we are moving to with two of our good friends. It will be a positive move for the horses. The barn is small, just 7-8 stalls and we are filling 5 of them and the woman that has the barn has 3 horses. (Two little ones.)
The stalls are all much bigger than they are in now and the floors are matted on limestone and very flat.

It has a nice arena, a little narrower than where we are at now but longer. Everything is very well lit which will be nice.

Here's the biggest reason. The horses will have giant grass pastures with trees for shade!!!!

We move the middle of August. Moving horses, if you don't trailer all the time, is a big deal and nerve wracking. At least it is for me! That's why we are working on Echo's trailer loading! He's the one I'm worried about. The other's have trailered much more often.

I feel like I'm getting a stress ulcer!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soaking Echo

Baby Has A Boo Boo

Echo started limping badly yesterday morning. Bute didn't help by this morning so I had the vet come over. Yep it's an abscess in his left front hoof. It was up further than the vet could get easily so I have to soak his hoof in Epson Salts twice a day for 20 minutes each time!! I was afraid he'd be afraid of the little bowl!! You know Echo! But he stood there stoically both times, hoof in the nice warm water and eating his carrots and cookies!!

I hope it draws it out soon! That's a morning and evening soak.
I think he likes it!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Farmer I Am!!!!

It's a Pumpkin!!!!!!

Two days ago I was sure this was a watermelon!!!!! It was smoother and rounder, (I SWEAR!!). Today I see I have a nice pumpkin here! See, it fooled me with all those watermelon vine leaves around it : ))

Now, I'm pretty darn sure this one IS a watermelon!! But it's not much bigger than a big softball so far.
I'm such a great farmer!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Thrifty Treasures 7-19

I'm joining in on "Today's Thrifty Treasures" at Rhoda's Southern Hospitality. You can visit her very inspiring blog here:

Garage Sales

This week all these finds are from two garage sales. I haven't really had much luck with garage sales till this week.
This is a tea set for 10! Cup, saucer and desert plates. It's made in the US probably not real old but very dainty I thought. The whole set was $5.00.

This little serving plate was 50 cents and will go with just about anything. It has a pretty gold band around the edge.

It's from Bavaria. I like it!

Now, this will only be of interest to horse people but this winter stable blanket looks almost new, is a size 72 and was only $10!!!!!! All it's straps are intact. I don't really need it but at that price I'm sure someone I know could use it or I'll give it to a rescue!
Our garage sale days around here are usually Thursdays and Fridays so maybe I'll have some more luck this next week!

I Try But . . . .

I Guess My Desk Will Never Be Neat!

Here is where I blog, where I do all my emailing and photo fixing and movie making.
I have straightened it up from time to time but it always ends up like this. I do know where everything is here though. That's more than I can say for the rest of the house.

There's my new phone. (The second handset) I had to get a new land phone because I LOST my other one!! I mean, doesn't it almost have to be here in the house somewhere?? I have not found it in 2 months! I thought I'd find it as soon as I got a new one but nope!!
See those little spoons? They are little sterling silver baby spoons that I plan on putting on eBay when I get a chance!
That cork coaster came from a restaurant in Chicago years ago (like 20) that my yet to be husband and I were in! I have a bunch of them.

Here's some bills I have to pay. I do my bill paying and banking on line. Also there's some old pictures of my Dad that I scanned and did a post on awhile back. I haven't put them away yet.

There's my computer glasses, my gratitude journal and by the keyboard is my Dad's old driver's license and my late husband's police identity card. Also a photo of Echo.

Above my computer is my dog . . . Rocky : ))

And next to me near the floor is my printer, scanner. I just printed out another recipe for "Beer Bread".
Now, you see where I am! Where are you??
Common . . . I love comments : ))

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sunday Thoughts

I have a Gratitude Jounal that I write in sometimes. I was just looking at some things I had written a couple years ago in July.
Sometimes it is the simplest things that give us an inner, quiet joy.
I am grateful for:

A new friend who loves animals as much as we do.
That first sip of fresh coffee in the morning.
Wind chimes.
The scent of lavender.
A breeze on a hot day.
Chamomile tea before bed.

Have a beautiful Sunday

Just Wanted To Show You

Garden Stuff

Remember a week or so ago when I told you about planting the end part of a bunch of celery. . .
Some of you had doubts I know. Actually I did too but I tried never the less.

But lookie!!!!!!!! It is really starting to grow!! If we'd get some real rain it would probably help!

And I had to show you my little baby watermelon!! Isn't she cute. I have 4 of them.
Exciting stuff hey!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some Before and Afters!

I'm posting my Before and Afters on "Show and Tell Fridays" at My Romantic Home. Hope you will visit there too:

The Deck and the Dining Chairs

The Deck

It was getting pretty bad. I think it's only been two years since it was washed and sealed last. Being under the trees, it does tend to build up the moss and mold. Also being so near the ground doesn't help!

I found an ad in the phone book for an Amish man who refinishes decks so I called. He came with a helper who wasn't amish so they came by car, not horse and buggy. They power washed the deck about 7:30 AM yesterday and then waited till it dried and went to get the semi-transparent paint I had picked out. They had it all done before 3PM.

It looks nice and clean and bright now. Sort of matches my shed in the back.

I'm hoping it lasts for at least 3 years.

The Dining Chairs

Remember these? I got them about a year ago in preparation for my new dining room.

Then I found this beauty last winter in my favorite thrift shop.

This is how my dining room looked while my kitchen was being redone. (Before they started on the dining room.)

The painting process. I LOVE Krylon Fusion Satin Black!!!!!

It gives a beautiful finish without having to sand!!!

Here's a sneak peek of how my chairs go in the dining room. I'm still not done so I'm not doing the "big reveal" yet!!
Have a great Friday everyone.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Thrifty things for July 13th

I thought I would show my meager catch at "A Second Time Around"
You can find others here:

These I thought were nice. At first I thought they were metal but when I picked them up they are china. They are nice size and go good on my stove.

A couple cute place mats for 10 cents each!

These place mats were from GW at 50 cents each.

I love this little square table cloth with the hand stitching of morning glories.

And last, a nice neutral runner for my new dining room table.
Hope you had a good week thrifting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Horse Trailer Success

This is Echo

He used to know how to load into a trailer when he was three but now he's six and he forgot. So I've had another girl helping me re-train him to the trailer. You see, she has a trailer and I don't have one so it's hard to keep him up to date!
Last week we took an hour and he refused to get on, so we continued this week and this YouTube video is of the moments of success. He put his hooves on the ramp about 32 minutes into the hour. I hope he remembers now. He seems OK with it. Next week we'll shut the doors!
Please click on this video:

Have a good day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Case of the Spreading Vines

The Vines, The Vines!!!!!!!

I always seem to think my garden is bigger than it is when I'm buying seeds and starter plants. This year I made even a bigger mistake. I planted squash (3 types), pumpkins, watermelon and cucumber. ALL big vining plants!!!! What was I thinking? The little plants look so puny when you first get them!

We hadn't had rain in 11 days and then yesterday it rained a nice rain for half a day.

Squash flowers are really pretty! (Hey, there's a bug in there!!)

When I went out to the garden this morning, I couldn't believe how the vining plants have trailed over everything! They aren't staying in their own row!!!!
They are starting to cover my lettuce, my onions and my carrots!!!

Yikes, here they come! Especially the cucumber vine!!!!!! I think if you laid down in the garden overnight, you'd be completely covered by morning!!!!

Here's my first little cucumbers!

Another Interesting Note
I read this on Suzanne's "Chickens in the Road" blog.
If you cut the bottom off a full stalk of celery and plant it, it will grown more celery!

Well I'm going to try this one so I'll let you know. I think you can also plant the bottom ends of green onions too. I'm going to do that too. That's what I need, more stuff in the garden!! At least they don't send out vines!
Have a great day!
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