Saturday, July 31, 2010


Trailer Butts

We had trailering practice with the five horses that are moving to the new barn. Everything went well today. Echo was a little obstinate at first (about 10 minutes worth) but then he saw I wasn't being swayed so he walked on and then walked on about 6 times more.
This is Echo on the left and Preacher (an old hand at this), on the right. I'm feeling a little better!

Move date is August 14th.


  1. I hope all goes well when it's the big moving day. I find it interesting that you are practicing with them. I never knew you had to keep them "up" on that sort of thing.

  2. Me either. A big job. I am sure horses can be very stubborn.

  3. Echo only loaded a couple times when he was young. (at 2 and at 3) He's 6 now and didn't remember much and besides the fact he's more spooky now. Others have loaded for years. No problem.


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