Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jam and My Prize!

I'm joining Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum for "Foodie Friday".
Check it out at:


It was starting to smell real peachy in my kitchen and I knew I had to use the few peaches I had quickly. So, what could be better than Peach Jam!!!!

Unfortunately I could've used a couple more peaches but I adjusted the recipe on the Sure-Jell pamphlet, which you are NEVER supposed to do. I really didn't expect it to set up.

But it did!! Yeah!!! And it's delicious.

I Got It!!!!

It Arrived Today!

Here is the unbelievable skillet that I won on Michael Lee's blog. (Designs By Gollum) What a fantastic give-a-way!!

It is big and heavy and wonderful!

And French!

OK, now I feel like I should cook like Julia Child!!!
Well, don't hold your breath on that last part but I'll try!
I haven't been cooking at all this week because of the heat. After coming home from the barn, I've had it, so it's either been take-out or pizza!
I'll do better this next week when the temp drops down into the 80's!
Bon Appetit!



  1. Glad your jam worked out! I usually go in the other direction and find something else to add so it makes enough, it's nice to know you can tweak it to work for a lesser amount!
    Congrats on that fantastic pan! :@)

  2. Beautiful jam jars and I had to laugh when you said you can now cook like Julia:-) How do you like your GE profile oven and is it convection as I am buying new appliances and would like some feed back if you have a minute.

  3. Joyce, I got all GE Profile appliances when I had my kitchen redone this winter. I love everything so far. My stove works great. I have to have electric as there is no gas here. I like the glass cooktop and my oven is a regular oven (No convection). It has a warming drawer beneath the oven.

  4. Oh look how pretty that jam is! I haven't attempted making jams yet and haven't even canned anything yet. Someday!

    Love your new pan! Enjoy!

    I love that little pot you have your african violet in. Very sweet!

  5. You know I always add more fruit than the recipe asks for. We like our jams a little softer than the normal recipe. I love when it runs across my bread. . .liquid gold!
    Enjoy your prize!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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