Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Budget and How It's Doing!!

Well . . . . . . .,
maybe not so well this past month!

I did somewhat better on my grocery budget, only going over $35.00.
(Well, that's better than in the past!)
I can do much better though.

The other things were unexpected expenses.
Things I should have accounted for but just forgot, like: 
Easter!!  Candy and presents for my grandkids!!
That made my misc. budget go over by $68.00.
The BeeGon annual spraying.  That made my house maintenance budget go over by $99.00
And the biggest amount was Pets!
I went over by $190. and I had to use a credit card for the brooder chicken hutch I bought!!
Well, April starts on Friday so it's a whole new month to do better!!
I just have to figure out how to allow for taxes!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekly Menu March 28 - April 3

Week of March 28 - April 3

MONDAY:  3/28
Breakfast:  Overnight oats
Lunch:  Tomato soup
Supper:  Spaghetti and green salad

TUESDAY:  3/29
B:  OJ, waffle and egg
L:  Celery and apple slices with almond butter
S:  Crockpot chicken and biscuits

B:  Overnight oats
L:  grilled cheese
D:  Meatloaf (from freezer), potato and creamed corn

B:  Orange, Veg. Omelet & toast
L:  Canned soup
D:  Beans and rice, butternut squash 

FRIDAY:  4/1
B:  Overnight oats
L:  P&J sandwich
D:  Fish (from freezer), baked sweet pot. fries, canned veg.

B:  Pancakes and canned peaches
L:  Cottage cheese and peaches
D:  Meatloaf sandwich and salad

SUNDAY:  4/3
B:  Overnight oats
L:  Left overs or Boost
D:  Left overs  (Clean the fridge out night)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Menu plan for March 21-March 27

This is my menu for the week of March 21st 

MONDAY:  3/21
Breakfast:  OJ and Overnight oats
Lunch:  Tomato soup
Supper:  Chicken, mashed cauliflower and green beans

TUESDAY:  3/22
B:  Sliced cantaloupe, french toast
L:  Chicken salad on lettuce
S:  Pizza, applesauce

B:  Cantaloupe, Overnight oats
L:  Tomato soup
D:  Chicken, brown rice and peas

B:  Cold cereal with sliced banana
L:  Green salad with chicken
D:  Veg. pizza, canned fruit

FRIDAY:  3/25
B:  Overnight oats with blueberries
L:  Egg salad sandwich
D:  Frozen fish (haddock), rice, broccoli

B:  Scrambled eggs and hash browns
L:  Almond butter and jelly sandwich
D:  Spaghetti and green salad

SUNDAY:  3/27
B:  Overnight oats
L:  Fruit and yogurt
D:  Left-overs  (Clean out the fridge night)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Menu Monday 3/14/16

Here is my menu for the week of
3/14 - 3/20

MONDAY:  3/14
Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Lunch:  Perogie and cabbage
Supper:  Chicken/Broccoli Alfredo, Applesauce

TUESDAY:  3/15
B:  Scrambled Eggs and chicken sausage, toast
L:  Tomato Soup  
S:  Left-over Alfredo

B:  Overnight Oats
L:  Homemade chicken soup from freezer
D:  Meatloaf, potato and vegetable (from pantry or freezer)

B:  Waffle and egg
L:  Almond butter and banana sandwich
D:  Braised chicken breast, leftover potato and veg.

FRIDAY:  3/18
B:  Overnight Oats
L:  Fresh fruit and yogurt
D:  Left-over meatloaf

B:  Pancakes
L:  Chicken Soup 
D:  Pizza  

SUNDAY:  3/20
B:  Eggs on toast
L:  Pizza
D:  Clean out fridge leftovers

This only thing I have to buy this week are some organic bananas, and some other fresh fruits and maybe some sherbet.
What are you having this week??
Leave me a comment : ))


Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Word About Menu Making

*It doesn't have to be set in stone!!*

My meal plan for this past week is a prime example.
On Tues. I was supposed to fix cabbage soup for supper.
Well, I knew, I just didn't feel like eating cabbage that evening, so I just had left-overs from Monday's meal.  Worked out just fine.
Later in the week, I was supposed to make egg salad which I didn't because I didn't want to use up all my girl's eggs!
So instead, I made barbecue chicken from the meat of the roasted chicken I had from Monday.
I wrapped the  barbecue chicken up in a tortilla with some lettuce and sour cream and YUMMMM.
Friday I boiled my cabbage with some potatoes but when I looked in the freezer for the fish that I had written on my menu, low and behold the fish turned out to be breaded chicken.  Worked out just fine and I finished another bag of frozen breaded stuff.
So, be flexible!  
Something that isn't as easy for me as it used to be but it turned out good in this case.

So tomorrow night I will write next week's menu and post it on Monday.
Still using things from my pantry and freezer!

How is your menu planning coming along??
Is it helping you with your food budget?

Oh, and don't forget to move your clocks ahead an hour tonight

Monday, March 7, 2016

50 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Me!

1.   I colored my hair blond from when I was in my 20's till just last year.
2.   I lost my right eye in a golfing accident when I was in my early 40's and have a prothesis.
3.   I love building fires in my fireplace.
4.   I secretly would love to try living in one of those tiny houses.
5.   I want more chickens.  I'm getting more chickens!
6.   I was not a good wife for many reasons.
7.   I want to learn to speak with an English accent but so far haven't mastered it.
8.   I love hanging clothes to dry out on the clothesline.
9.   I can't even lift 40 lbs. any more.
10.  I believe old farm houses should be white with dark shutters.
11.  I wear long underwear from Oct. till May.
12.  All seats seem to have gotten lower.
13.  I have always bitten my fingernails.
14.  I sucked my thumb till the first grade.  (Probably relates to #13!)
15.  I got a curly perm when I was in my 30's and looked like a sheep.
16.  I'm an introvert.
17.  I don't feel comfortable in crowds or large gatherings, like parties etc.
18.  I've saved years of "Country Living" magazines.
19.  I can't kill a mouse, not even with a trap.
20.  I had an antique shop for 15 years called "Woods & Goods".
21.  I've never lived on a written budget till now.
22.  I hate the wind.  (And so does my dog Dexter.)
23.  My favorite movie is "You've Got Mail" and have watched it at least a dozen times.
24.  I like primitive style antiques the most.
25.  I am addicted to sugar.
26.  I love picket fences.
27.  My favorite salty snacks are pretzels.
28.  I don't like pop except for root beer.
29.  One of the first things I wanted when we moved to the country was a swing hanging from the              Oak tree.
30.  I love not having close neighbors.
31.  I don't think I could ever sleep in the winter without my electric blanket.
32.  I'm a morning person.
33.  I've always had dogs except when in college.
34.  I have panic attacks.
35.  My first paying job in high school was setting type for street signs in Erie, PA.
36.  I was a tom-boy when I was young.
37.  My mother said my first word was "sorky" which meant horsey.
38.  I like routine.  More-so since I've gotten older.
39.  I'm afraid to fly and won't fly anymore.
40.  I wish I had visited England.
41.  I am uncomfortable leaving "my world" which includes Medina, my kids houses and the barn.
42.  I see a psychologist ever couple weeks and have for years.
43.  I'm a Taurus but don't believe in astrology.
44.  I love getting massages and foot reflexology.
45.  I take pretzels up to bed for a snack.
46.  My favorite comfort meal is meatloaf, a baked potato and creamed corn.
47.  I had a crush on Tab Hunter when I was young.
48.  I made pot holders on a little loom when I was little and sold them around the neighborhood.
49.  I took piano lessons for over 10 years.  However now I can't play!
50.  When I was little, I stole flowers out of Mr. Lichtenwalder's garden and sold them.  My parents          found out and I had to go tell him and give him the 25 cents!

There!!  Some of my true confessions!!


Menu Monday

I'm still using things from my freezer and pantry that I have, except for the 
whole roasting chicken and the chicken sausage which I got at Aldi last week.

This is my menu for the week of March 7th-13th

MONDAY 3/7 :
Breakfast:  Overnight Oats
Lunch:  Tomato soup
Supper:  Roasted chicken slices, steamed green beans (frozen)

B:  Egg and chicken sausage sandwich
L:  Fruit and yogurt
S:  cabbage soup

B:  Overnight Oats
L:  Chicken salad sandwich on romain
D:  Chili from freezer and cornbread  

B:  French toast and chicken sausage slices
L:  Egg salad on lettuce
D:  Left over chili  

FRIDAY 3/11:
B:  Overnight Oats
L:  Egg salad sandwich
D:  Frozen fish, potato, boiled, buttered cabbage

B:  Almond butter and banana sandwich
L:  Lunch at barn
D:  Chicken and broccoli alfredo

SUNDAY 3/13:
B:  Pancakes (gluten free)
L:  Chili on tortilla
D:  Clean out the fridge leftovers

**Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bank and Grocery Shopping Day

At last it is the first week of the month.
A new month, March. 
 The month that we get glimpses of Spring.
The month that the time changes and it stays light an hour later.
Love that!!

Anyway, I withdrew the amount of money from the bank needed to fill my envelopes for the month.
Then headed to the grocery store.
I first had to stop at an in town store to refill some water jugs and while I was there, I picked up a few organic things that I knew Aldi didn't carry.
Then off to Aldi.

I did my shopping from my list and it will be for 2 weeks.
I hope I will only have to shop one more time this month.
Here's how I did.
First stop:

Then Aldi for main shopping:

Total is about $87.00
If I do about the same in the middle of the month, I'll have a monthly total of about $174.
That would be a lot better than the over $300./mo. that I have been spending!!
Even if I add another $20. for stopping for milk or bread etc. it will still be a big improvement.
We'll see how this plays out.
So far so good.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Today At The Barn

Michele's lesson day.

Preacher being a good school horsey.

Giving Echo some treats.  He had the day off.

He's a cutie!!


First Week's Menu

It's already Tuesday but I'll write the whole week anyway.  I hope to put these on every Monday in the future.

Monday 2/29:
Breakfast:   Overnight Oatmeal
Lunch:    Left-over Pizza
Supper:   Spaghetti and a green salad

Tuesday 3/1
B:  French toast and scrambled egg
L:  Chicken salad sandwich
S:  Left-over spaghetti and a green salad

Wednesday 3/2
B:  Cold cereal with banana and blueberries
L:  Chicken salad on lettuce
S:  Chicken strips from freezer, small potato, zucchini

Thursday 3/3
B:  Egg Omelet and chicken sausage, small orange
L:  Salad with tomato and avocado 
S:  Black beans and rice

Friday 3/4
B:  Overnight Oats with mango
L:  High Protein Boost
S:  Breaded fish from freezer, rice, zucchini

Saturday 3/5
B:  Gluten free pancakes and blueberries, chicken sausage
L:  Grilled cheese and tomato
S:  Clean out fridge night?

Sunday 3/6
B:  Oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup
L:  Tomato soup
S:  Chicken breast, squash, green beans

Tomorrow is a grocery shopping day at Aldi.  I hope to be organized and shop for the next two weeks as I only need some perishables.



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